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U.S President Biden: I’m not worried about the situation in Jordan



He said President Joe Biden, on Wednesday, he informed the king of Jordan that her “friend” in America, stressing that “not worried about the situation in Jordan“.


Biden reaffirmed the United States ‘ strong support for Jordan and King Abdullah’s leadership,” the White House said in a telephone call Wednesday.


The two leaders “discussed the strong bilateral relations between Jordan and the United States, Jordan’s important role in the region, and the strengthening of bilateral cooperation on many political, economic and security issues,”the statement said.


He added that Biden also stressed the support of the United States two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Asked later by reporters if he was worried about the situation in Jordan, Biden said, ” no. I’m not worried. I just called to tell him he had a friend in America.”


Jordan’s King Abdullah II bin al-Hussein, in a letter to the Jordanian people regarding recent developments in the country, said that” sedition has been perpetuated “and that Jordan is”a stable safe, and will remain a stable safe, fortified by the determination of the Jordanians”.


Jordan’s deputy prime minister, Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi, said last Sunday that preliminary investigations reported that Prince Hamza bin al-Hussein “planned with others to destabilize Jordan,” referring to measures announced by Oman to counter “movements employed to target security” in the country.


After announcing the arrest of 16 people on charges of “destabilizing the security and stability of Jordan”, Amman’s Attorney General issued an order on Tuesday banning publication in the case, which became known in the media as the Prince Hamza case, in order to “maintain the confidentiality of the investigations conducted by the security services”, but excluded, in a second decision,


Attorney General Hassan al-Abdallat said in statements to the agency that the ban also excludes statements issued by official bodies in this regard, and the decision remains in force and in effect until it decides otherwise.


The Royal Court of Jordan published a letter signed by Prince Hamza bin al Hussein, in which he affirmed his support for King Abdullah II and his crown prince and his commitment to the Constitution of the kingdom of Jordan, pledging to “always be a help and support to King Abdullah II of Jordan and his crown prince”.


The letter stated, “in light of the developments of the past two days, I put myself in the hands of His Majesty The King, stressing that I will remain on the reign of the fathers and grandparents, faithful to their legacy, faithful to their path, faithful to their march and mission and to His Majesty, and committed to the Constitution of the I will always be of help and support to His Majesty The King and his crown prince.”



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