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resounding surprise.. Hacking Zuckerberg’s Facebook account shows his concern for privacy using a rival app



Cybersecurity researcher Dave Walker discovered that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was among 533 million users whose personal information was leaked online after the newly discovered Facebook hack.


“Regarding#FacebookLeak, out of the 533 million people in the leak, the irony is that Mark Zuckerberg is unfortunately included in the leak as well,” Walker wrote on Twitter”


Walker covered part of Zuckerberg’s number, but said he found that Zuckerberg’s leaked phone number was linked to an account for signal, a chat app with end-to-end encryption, a direct competitor to Facebook-owned WhatsApp.


The problem has been corrected, a company spokesman confirmed to Mashable. But the spokesman did not comment on whether Zuckerberg’s information was among the leaked data.


Signal asks to follow Zuckerberg’s lead.

In response to Walker’s discovery, signal’s app relished the news, tweeting “as the deadline to accept WhatsApp’s terms of service approaches next May 15, follow mark,” in a call for the public to turn to signal as WhatsApp boss Mark Zuckerberg did.


WhatsApp’s updated Privacy Policy-initially due to be implemented on February 8 but suspended after a public backlash – includes changes to how data is collected and used.


Won’t be able to users who do not accept the changes in WhatsApp read messages or send them, but will be able to receive calls and notifications “for short”.


Tweeters mocking WhatsApp boss

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has faced a wave of ridicule on social media after discovering his rival signal was using WhatsApp’s messaging app.



“Mark Zuckerberg respects his privacy by using the non-Facebook-owned Signal app which ensures that conversations between the two chat parties are encrypted,”Walk

Technical journalist Abhishek Paksi tweeted ” Well played! Although maybe it’s just there to make a takeover offer or create a group of inspirational ideas.”

“Very funny, everyone really officially leaves Facebook-owned WhatsApp, including Mark Zuckerberg,”journalist Carol Cadwalader said in a tweet.


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