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Godzilla vs. Kong.. The first victory of American cinema in the corona era



U.S. cinemas closed almost a year ago after the spread of the coronavirus, and returned partially several months ago, but many film chains insisted on not opening their doors or even the health procedures followed, causing a large number of big and important films to not be released during this period.


But by the end of last March almost all theaters were back in action across the country and showing, opening with an already-awaited big movie, ” Godzilla vs. Kong.” Kong), which quickly achieved consecutive successes, set a record in the cinema of the corona era with revenues of دولار 285 million so far, as well as the praise of critics.

The audience is looking for simplicity

When Christopher Nolan’s “tenet” premiered last August, many entertainment market followers praised the courage of Warner Bros. producers and directors to show the film at a time of Corona’s heyday, and thought it could be a return to cinema once again with a great film and a popular director.


However, the film was a fatal blow to its extremely poor worldwide revenue, which disappointed many and made Warner decide to screen its future films both in cinemas and on HBO Max at the same time.

This can be compared to the current situation, the film “Godzilla vs. Kong” managed to do the opposite, and years later it can be said that this film contributed to the rescue of the cinema viewing market.


A film that carries a lot of complexities in the narrative, plot and time was not the appropriate work in this difficult period to attract the audience, but on the contrary a film “Monsters” based on familiar characters, visual effects and a simple plot is a much better option for viewers who do not want to burden their minds with thinking, but rather innocent

An extension of old monster stories

One of the main reasons for the success of “Godzilla vs. Kong” is the great popularity of the two main characters despite belonging to the type of monsters that for a long time were considered anti-human, these characters have lasted for decades and in various film series almost all of them are successful at varying levels.

The first time King Kong appeared on screen was in 1933, and his character subsequently appeared in more than 12 films, while Godzilla’s first appearance was in the Japanese film the character’s name in 1954, which was so successful that the famous monster appeared in 33 films, as well as many American and Japanese television series.

The film is not the first encounter between the two characters since they appeared together in 1962, but the latest version is part of a separate new series of Monster worlds that began in 2014 with Godzilla.



In this film the two monsters are wrestling for the first time in this new world, this feud has been interpreted as historical between their respective ancestors, implanted in their genes.

This allowed the viewer to recognize the potential of each monster as well as develop a kind of empathy for them, especially Kong, who in this version gained the ability to understand sign language, and was sent on a long journey to find his home, the home of all the monsters.

The film contained a lot of remade characteristics in this cinematic genre, such as aggressive humans and the crazy world trying to emulate the world of monsters, and the extremely flat and often ridiculously naive human characters, but on the other hand the visual effects were very distinctive, especially with the great development that this technical aspect of cinema has seen in recent years, which


Although the story of the film may seem very simple, it is this simplicity that has distinguished it, and made the work able to interest viewers around the world, especially with its 3D display in many theaters, which is considered an additional attraction competing for viewing on online platforms, contributed to the film’s box office revenue.


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