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NASA explains the reality of the rainbow image on Mars.



A recent image taken by NASA’s persephirns Rover probe has intrigued followers around the world, showing what looks like a rainbow on Mars.


The photo caused much speculation online, scientific evidence does not support the possibility of rainbows appearing on the Red Planet.


On the planet, rainbows appear when the sun’s Rays encounter suitable atmospheric conditions, in which light is reflected by water droplets in the atmosphere.


But it is different with Mars, since the atmosphere of Mars is cold, thin and dry, the chances that the image will be of a real rainbow, are excluded.

In a tweet, NASA settled the controversy among those interested, saying that many are wondering “Is this a rainbow on Mars? No, a rainbow is not possible here. Talking rainbows of light reflected from water droplets circular, but there isn’t enough water here state, as to the cold so don’t allow the presence of liquid water in the atmosphere” of the Red Planet.


She confirmed that the arc is just a “light glow on the viewfinder”.


Some users of the social networking platform Reddit had expected the arc to be caused by the reflection of light on the dust atoms, rather than water.

Others said that the arc may be the result of the reflection of light on the ice atoms, which were observed at the poles of the Red Planet.


But the strongest theory is that the” rainbow “resulted from the entry of random light Rays, scattering inside the camera lens, similar to the” lens glow ” in ordinary cameras.


Dave Lavery, executive director of NASA’s Solar System Exploration Program, explained the matter, saying in an interview to Forbes magazine that what people saw “is definitely not a rainbow. It’s just internal reflections in the viewfinder.”


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