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The one-eyed charlatan and the Messiah



Netflix recently launched on its platform a series entitled “Man of miracles” for the audience in the Arab region or Messiah messiah for the rest of the audience around the world, the series consists of 10 episodes a fairy tale adapted from the idea of the expected Messiah mentioned in the three religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism, the series has caused a I’ve posted on this site on October 15, 2010 :


Since the very beginning of history, many personalities have lived that have had a profound impact on the society in which they live and even on subsequent generations through what they offer concepts that reflect on society good or evil, good was represented by the reform man or by what is known as the prophet sent by God, while evil was and remains represented by the first enemy of humanity, “Satan”, who leads his fight Incognito and his soldiers against the children of man with wit and cunning.the battle will be decided at the end of time in accordance with the heavenly religions between the army of the Leviathan, led by a person whose influence will extend to the whole world and the army of truth and faith.


We talk here about a character warned by successive prophets and apostles throughout the ages, a character through which Satan embodies its ultimate purpose and its coming is accompanied by the end of time where it is considered one of the last signs of the great hour according to the Islamic view in addition to other scenarios about the end of the world, called


She was called an antichrist because she impersonated the Messiah and tricked people with her supernatural powers to mislead them from the path of God. The three heavenly religions differ in what they tell of ” the pretended Christ” :

  1. the Jewish novel


The Torah says: “a boy is born to us, and we give a son, and the head shall be on his shoulder, and his name shall be called a prodigy marching Almighty God Everlasting Father.”


According to the Talmud : “when Christ comes, the Earth presents its primacy. Peace has no end on David’s chair, and on his kingdom to prove it and support it with truth and righteousness, from now on forever, and the jealousy of the Lord of the soldiers makes this.”


The Talmud also spoke in the same way as the Torah: “the true Messiah will come, and the expected victory will come, and Christ will then accept gifts from all peoples, and reject the gifts of Christians, and the Jewish nation will then be very rich, because it has acquired all the world’s money, pies, wool clothes and wheat, and at that time the power will be returned to the Jews, and all nations will serve that Messiah, and every Jew will have two thousand three hundred slaves to serve him, and Christ will come only after the rule of the peoples outside the religion of the children of Israel.”

The Talmud talks about the war that will be occupied not long after the coming of Christ, before the Jews finally rule, the war must be in full swing and two-thirds of the world perishes, and the true Christ will come and achieve the near victory of these Jews and according to the Torah they believe the coming of Christ who rules the whole world after for his kingdom, reconstructs the temple on the Jewish formula, and rules the two laws Written and oral means Torah and Talmud.”


This can be derived from some of the books of biblical prophecies that speak of the coming of Christ (the Antichrist : from the perspective of the Islamic religion), such as the books of Isaiah and Ezekiel. From the book of Isaiah: “when the Messiah will be possessed, the leaders of all nations will look to him to be their leader” – (Isaiah: 2/4)


And the Messiah meant by Christ, which also came from the book of Ezekiel: “the temple {the temple of Jerusalem} will be rebuilt and the canons suspended by it will be re – applied” – Ezekiel: 40.


On the other hand, there are three Jewish doctrines: conservative, Orthodox and reform, where both conservative and Orthodox agree with the idea of the coming of the antichrist, while Reform Judaism denies that there is a coming Messiah, but some of them believe in this idea.

  1. The Christian novel

In Revelation 13 : 1 – 8, the book says: :


“1 then I stood on the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy

2 and The Beast I saw was like a tiger, his lists like Bear lists, his mouth like a lion’s mouth. The dragon gave him his power, throne and great authority.


3 and I saw one of his heads as if slaughtered to death, and his mortal wound was healed. And I marveled at all the land behind the monster


4 and bowed to the dragon who gave the Sultan to The Beast, and bowed to The Beast saying: “Who is like The Beast? Who can fight it?


5 and I give what he speaks with bones and oars, and I give authority to do forty-two months. 6 he opened his mouth for blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name, and his tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven.


7 given unto him to make war with the Saints and boil them, I give authority over every tribe, tongue, and nation.


8 he will prostrate to him all the inhabitants of the earth, whose names are not written since the foundation of the world in the book of the life of the Slaughtered Lamb.


9 who has an ear let him hear.


Seven heads or seven kings symbolize Seven Kingdoms that appear on the stage of history and throughout the ages, and when the revelation of John came in the age of the Roman Empire, five kingdoms had fallen : the kingdom of Babylon, the Pharaohs, the kingdom of the Chaldeans, the kingdom of Mary, Persia and Greece.


The seventh Kingdom will be established in the last days of ten poles, The Beast or the impostor will take over the leadership of this union. But this dictator does not rule for long and die an unnatural death, perhaps by assassination, but Satan will arrange a great trick in his dead body and raise him from the dead.


The devil through this charlatan who set up from the Dead will rule the world while forty-two months, for three and a half years . Satan will also use a large religious figure to help the Antichrist achieve his goals, doing great wonders to deceive people and make everyone prostrate to the images of the Antichrist and those who do not prostrate to him are killed.


At the end of his term, Christ the Savior comes in his second coming to put an end to him and establish his promised Kingdom. In Revelation 14 : 9 – 12, the book says: “if anyone prostrates to The Beast and to his image, and accepts his name on his forehead or on his hand, 10 he will also drink from the wine of God’s wrath, poured into the glass of his wrath.”



3 – the spirit of Islamic

Says the messenger of Allah Muhammad (peace be upon him) :


“O people, it has not been an affliction on Earth since God sown Adam’s offspring – and it is not until the hour rises greater than the affliction of the Antichrist . And no one will survive before it, but he will not harm a Muslim, and indeed Allah did not raise a prophet except to warn his one-eyed nation, verily I will warn him, and I am The Last of the prophets, and you are the last of the nations, and he is out of you . It’s right, but it’s close. everything that’s coming is close . But he goes out to anger her and does not go out so that he does not divide an inheritance and does not rejoice in a booty . The come out and I’m here, I Hojeij production for both Muslim and come out after every one Hojeij production the same God successors for every Muslim “.



Descriptions of quack

The prophet says Peace be upon him in the description of the quack:


“O servants of God, so be steadfast . Three, I will describe to you an adjective that no prophet before me has ever described . He begins by saying, “I am a prophet, not a prophet after me,” and then he dissuades and says, ” I am your Lord.” And you can see your Lord until you die and it’s the one-eyed scanned the left eye have a thick green like planet Dre his right eye like a grape floating is not a being, nor a stone for the customers, to startle people, don’t what’s hidden them would not hide them if your Lord is not eyed’t what sleight of them would not hide it that your Lord is not eyed three pointed with his hand to his eyes, and you will see your Lord until you die.He walks into the Earth although the Earth and the sky god it’s a young cat like I like him Abdul Uzza bin cat short the scrub Hegan and Adam frizzy Jewfro and written between his eyes. : Every believer, writer or non-writer, is fascinated by the fact that he has with him a paradise, fire, river, water, mountain of bread, and he comes with him like paradise and fire.


His exit and his fascination.


Do not go out Dajjal until the Romans descend the depths or Badab gather for the people of Islam and gather them the people of Islam and come to them an army from the city of the choice of the people of the Earth on that day . Says the Prophet : “do not conquer the seven Alpha son Isaac, so if we downloaded a movie Fight smoothly and didn’t throw a dart, they said : there is no God but God and God is greater . One of its sides falls into the sea and then they say : there is no God but Allah and Allah is greater . Then they say: there is no God but Allah and Allah is greater . So they were released, and they fell asleep, and while they were sharing the spoils, they hung their swords with olives when Satan shouted at them: “the Antichrist has succeeded you in your people.” They reject what they have in their hands, and they come out, and that is false, and they send ten Vanguard Horsemen . The messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: “I know their names and the names of their fathers and the colors of their horses are the best furs on the Earth on that day when they came al-Sham came out and that nothing remains of the Earth except his foot and appeared on it only four mosques: Mecca mosque, Medina Mosque, al-Tur and Al-Aqsa Mosque. He said, ” I do not appreciate him.” He said : God commands the sky in the first year to lock up one third of its rain and commands the earth to lock up one third of its vegetation and then commands the sky in the second to lock up two thirds of its rain and commands the earth to lock up two thirds of its vegetation and then God commands the sky in the third year to lock up its entire rain, so it does not drip a drop and commands the earth to lock up its entire



– In the Hadith of Nawas Ibn Simaan, may Allah be pleased with him in the mention of the dujahal that the companions said: O Messenger of Allah ! How much to broadcast in the Earth ? He said: “Forty Days, a day as a year, a day as a month, a day as a gathering, and all other days as your days.” He said: “like a relief when the wind turns on the people, and he comes upon the people, and he calls them, and he calls them, and he calls them, and he calls them, and he calls them, and they say,” Get out your treasures, “and then he calls a man full of young men.” he hits him with a sword and cuts him two pieces throw the object, and then he calls him, and he kisses and cheers his face laughing ) narrated by a Muslim


– It was stated in Bukhari’s novel about Abu Said al-Khadri, may Allah be pleased with him that this man who kills him quack from the choice of people, comes out to the quack from the city of the messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, and says to the quack ( I testify that you quack who told us the messenger of Allah, peace be upon him And the Antichrist will say: Have you seen if you kill this and then revive it, do you doubt it ? They say : no . He kills him, and then salutes him, and says ( a man ) and God what you were in you sharper vision than me today, he wants the charlatan to kill him and not shed him) – Sahih al-Bukhari


The messenger of Allah ( peace be upon him) said: “because I know what is with the Antichrist from him, with him two rivers running, one of them saw the eye white water , and the other saw the eye fire burning.


The believer who challenges the charlatan

A young believer heads towards the Antichrist when he comes out and receives the army of the Antichrist and they take him to the Antichrist if the believer sees him :


He said: “O people, this charlatan mentioned by the messenger of Allah ”


The quack orders him, the ghost says, “take him and grill him,” and he broadens his back and abdomen.


He said, ” Uma believe in me ? ”


The believer replies: “You Are The Liar Christ ”


The quack orders him to drink the chainsaw from his divider until he separates his legs and then the quack walks between the two pieces


Then he says to him : “rise”, and in the novel: “he says look at my slave this I am sending him now and then he claims that he has a Lord other than me”


God resurrects him, vestoy stands.


“Do you believe in me ? ”


He says, ” I’ve only gained insight into you. ”


Then the believer says: “O people, he does not do after me any of the people”


The Antichrist takes him to slaughter him, and he makes a copper from his neck to his collarbone.


He said he took his hands and legs and threw him, and people thought he threw him into the fire, but he was thrown into heaven, and this man is the greatest of all people, a witness to the Lord of the worlds.

The coming of Christ and the coming of the expected Mahdi


In the Hadeeth of Abu Hurayra, he said: the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, ” the prophet of Allah ( peace be upon him) delivered to you the son of Maryam Justice, breaking the cross and killing the pig, and putting tribute and overflowing money so that no one accepts it, so that the one prostrate is better than the world and


Then people flee from the Antichrist in the mountains and besieged and then the imam of the Arabs is the expected Mahdi, a man described by the prophet and says about him that he is a man of the House of the children of Fatima repaired by God in the night complicit his name my name and the name of his father – Peace be upon him said : two gangs of my nation achieved by Allah from the fire : a gang invades India and a gang be with Isa ibn Maryam peace be upon him said : whoever I realize of you may read Peace from me while their imam may advance pray them morning when he descended upon them from heaven Isa ibn Maryam morning at the white lighthouse east of Damascus it means : Issa ) and he is coming down, and if you see him, know him. : A man squared to the red and white between two kingdoms as if his head dripping though not wet, people fight against Islam, beat the cross, kill the pig, put tribute, and destroy God in his time All boredom except Islam.


Siege and the end of the charlatan

The Antichrist comes Mount (Ilia) and besieges a band of Muslims, and he says to them who are on them : what are you waiting for this tyrant except that you fight him until you catch up with Allah or open to you, and they order to fight him if they become, while they are preparing to fight and settle the ranks when the prayer was held When he left, he said, ” open the door .” When he looks at him the Antichrist melted as the salt melts in the water, if he left him to melt until he perishes, but Allah kills him with his hand in his blood in his war at the door of the eastern Lod, and he kills him in the gate of the eastern Lod, and he kills him, God Almighty at the but he said, ” O Abdullah, this is a Jew behind me, so come and kill him.”


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