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Qara prison legend: inside is missing and outside is born



But in this article we will not knock on the doors of the beauty of Meknes, but we will descend towards the bottom to discover the other side of the Ismaili city . What’s at the bottom of Meknes is? It is a prison that terrorizes souls. Since ancient times, humans have mastered the creation of torture machines and dubious cellars, and have spared no effort in devising what their sons pray for their torment and dignity to create one of the most deadly underground prisons called Qara prison.



Between 1672 and 1727, Sultan Ismail of Morocco took the city of Meknes as the capital of Morocco during his reign ,where he constructed a prison extending underground to an unknown tide called “Qara”. The sultan ordered its creation in order to throw prisoners from the armies of enemies or opponents of his rule .


The prison is a huge hall from which complex corridors, dark corridors, zigzags and various labyrinths pass over the cells, where the prisoner is entered from a nozzle through the corridor and ends up in a single cell with no door and no window.until now, the geometry of the prison remains ambiguous; some believe that the prison has ground floors, others assert that the prison should extend to a vast area beyond the city of Meknes itself.


The prison is now one of the historical tourist attractions in the Kasbah of Moula Ismail, and his mention was associated with beliefs and spun around a lot of terrible rumors that led to the reputation of “Qara prison” to become a favorite place for lovers of mystery and exploration in Morocco and most visitors only discover the areas that have been repaired and


Origin of the label

The origin of the name “Qara” according to some accounts is that there was a famous guard (hairless ) who guarded the prison while receiving his miserable guests during the reign of Sire Ismail, so the title “Qara” was changed to “Qara” and this title has been associated with the prison until now. Another version says that the origin of the name belongs to a Portuguese prisoner named “Qara” who spent a few years as a prisoner there.

Legends and disappearances

“Inside is lost, and the outside Is Born”, This phrase has long been the prison of Qara and still, legend has it that anyone who enters the prison of Qara and penetrates into it will be lost in dahalizeh and its labyrinths inevitably, his exit again will be a miracle; the prison has swallowed hundreds of people since its inception .. It’s the only prison in the world. if we don’t say in history it doesn’t have doors, then how do jailers ensure that prisoners don’t escape? It is said that the Sultan of Morocco, sire Ismail, put to the prison a lonely exit in an unknown place; from which the emancipation from the bowels of the “Qara” prison becomes possible, and no one has yet discovered that door.


In the 1980s, King Hassan II ordered an exploration team from Spain to probe the walls of the Qara prison and uncover the truth about everything rumored about it . The scouting team entered the prison, penetrated its lobby and then did not come out .. Another team of explorers from France encountered the same source in the mid-nineties.



It is said that the prison is haunted by the jinn or the souls of those who died in it a terrible death when there is a glimmer of light that announces the continuation of life, for three centuries and woe to those who dared and penetrated into the bowels of Qara, most tourists heed this belief and did not go beyond the first halls of


In fact, not all that is rumored about Qara prison is true, yes the prison is underground, but it does not swallow everyone who entered it, as well as many disappearance incidents have been fabricated, personally I visited the prison-and did not penetrate it – and discovered from some people that everything rumored about it is only to defame it, all this. On the other hand, some continue to insist that Qara is not just an ordinary prison or a historical landmark, but a mysterious underground ditch in which many people have died.


In all circumstances; who wants the full truth let’s head towards the city of Meknes, and then to the cane recommended Ismail where prison continent and to him and slips in the maze, then he may try his luck and truth before his eyes.



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