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Corona virus and gin: legal and herbal remedies in Mauritania



The Mauritanian Sheikh yahzeh Ould Dahi continued to offer his services to the Mauritanian Ministry of Health in order to “defeat” the corona, and wrote in a blog post that the virus “is only cured by the words of God and viruses, most of them Jinn”.


In the absence of a cure for the coronavirus, many return to the grandmother’s pharmacy with its experiments, herbs and mixtures “capable of facing any disease”, as is commonly believed in Mauritanian society.



The virus has brought many back to the proverbial prayers and people are circulating them through social media and spreading them ” closer to God, “as they wrote on Twitter and WhatsApp.


The covid-19 virus does not pose any danger to those who believe in the inherited content of the grandmother’s pharmacy: in this drug store are strange experiments: here is a broth made from chicken with a pinch of Pepper, read “healing verses fill the nostrils with a substance that kills the most dangerous virus, even if it is covid-19, with its sticky


While all this is going on, Mauritanian Sheik yahzeh Ould Dahi continued to offer his services: “to the Mauritanian Ministry of Health and to the World Health Organization to treat people living with the virus and even to immunize the human community from its danger.”


The last thing without dahi in this regard was a series of strange flashes, including:” the coronavirus recruited from the soldiers of God sends it on whoever you force and his stick in revenge and his only treatment is the words of God and viruses, most of them Jinn.”


According to our in-depth study, ablution five times a day lowers the temperature of the koru(na)them.”


“Corona is being treated with Shari’a at the Prophet’s loved ones in tenswilem (a neighborhood east of the capital Nouakchott) and they don’t need to worry and are ready to go to China,”Sheikh said.


On the nature of the treatment contained in the blog post, Sheikh Dahi said: “yes we treat it, God willing, with the Koran and herb tell the Prophet, peace be upon him that it treats several incurable diseases.”


Mohamed Mahfouz Ould Ahmed, who is concerned with the Prevention of covid-19 virus, said : “riqyah al-Shariah, and healing in the Koran, addresses of the Holy rabbinic sanctuaries charity, have become the subject of a heinous exploitation and dangerous charlatanism on religion and the world.”


“Today, as people panic about the corona epidemic, the season of these demon plaintiffs is flourishing, and a local TV channel is working to promote sorcery with all its energy by spreading these fraudulent claims unchecked and uncontrollable,” he added .


He added: “These practices of proliferation, defiance and bravado have reached an intolerable extent, and seem to have many foreign roots, some derived from Salafism and denial, and have become a cross-border industry.”


“So it turns out that they are completely different from the practices of the veil, and take off the look that was known in our society on an individual, modest and sometimes invisible, not driven by greed and not swept away by religious sanctities to exploit them with such an intense and pernicious scale, “said blogger Ould Ahmed.


The Union of Imams of Mauritania issued a statement saying : “anyone who has contracted covid-19 or is suspected of contracting it is legally forbidden to be in public places, or to go to the mosque to attend community prayer, and must take all necessary precautions: to enter into quarantine, and to abide by the treatment decided by the health authorities in the state.”


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