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Feverish: the Cursed well being


When the Pentecostal man reached the threshold of the mosque and before he opened the door he heard a moan in the middle of the darkness coming from somewhere, near him, he went to the source of the sound, and there he found a child wrapped in a white cloth that was stained with bloodstains, that he was a newborn, probably born in the late hours of the night, and that his mother must have abandoned him, that is what the muezzin thought.


He took him from his place, and then opened the fascia about his face, to be surprised that the face of the child is not a human face but a ugly and scary face that has no human features, went chills in the body of the man and then tipstedh his hands, leaving him in his place and scared and terrified into the mosque, are you sure that wasn’t a dream you had in your sleep?.. The muezzin returned home with his hands paralyzed, his health worsened and his condition deteriorated, and he surrendered his soul to innocent three days after that incident.


At a distance not far from the mosque accept an abandoned well, damage to trees and dense, filled with snakes, the black, and bats at night, no one dares to touch them, they didn’t even see the bottom of the intensity of the darkness, and they don’t know either still water or has dried depleted water broke. This well was once used to bring water from it to the mosque for ablution, but it was abandoned long ago and no one ever came close to it..


It is said that this well hides in its depths terrifying secrets, it has become a place to hide the traces of crimes and get rid of them at the bottom of the Damned, criminals and thugs do not hesitate to throw the bodies of their victims in this well, as well as prostitutes and vendors of Fancy who are pregnant from adultery throw their pregnancy such as the placenta and parts of the fetus if the pregnancy falls in the first months by throwing these remains at the bottom of the well at night, so this well became a hotbed of sin, and while people live in Above peacefully, there is a damned evil brewing at the bottom, that it is in the process of being formed from the remains of embryos fermented with clay at the bottom of the well, and it is time to complete it and it is time to go up..



One afternoon, a woman who was eight months pregnant died in the village.after sunset, they dug her grave and she was buried there. the next morning, when some of the boys passed by the cemetery road, they saw one of the graves, which had scattered its soil. they came screaming to the centre of the village, and this view frightened them. when the people went to the cemetery to find out, they were surprised that the grave had been dug at night. there is a deep gap leading to the grave where the body lies under the dirt. this is a modern grave for the pregnant woman who had left yesterday. They removed the dirt until they reached the woman’s body and found that her stomach was slit and the dead fetus had disappeared, leaving only the mutilated body of his mother. Hal this people they did not know why or who did this dreadful thing, that accident has never happened in the village before.


One moonlit night, while some of the young people of the village were tanning near that well, they heard a noise coming from the side of the trees that surround the well, as if something was about to come out of that Bush that wraps on the Bank of the mountain, and they still saw black smoke rising and they thought it was a fire in the this scary howling object shook the village with its terrifying sound, and then attacked the young people who fled in panic from the place, waving nothing, but one of them stumbled and fell to the ground، While the rest managed to escape.. Then the men gathered with their weapons and went to the well, and there they froze on a terrible sight. they found the body of the young man mutilated, and his abdomen cowed, and his organs scattered on the dirt.


People didn’t believe the boys ‘ words about that creature, they thought it was a predator that attacked them and killed the young man, and it was fear that filmed them a fantasy scene.


The wife of the village doctor returned from her family home at night with her children, and when she entered her home she found blood scattered on the walls of the house, and her husband’s body was cut and scattered in all the rooms, and she went out dragging her children and screaming at the top of her voice and fear had lost her mind. People gathered after being awakened by her cry, and saw this terrible crime that raised horror and fear in their hearts, this doctor did not mind secretly performing abortions for the women of the village for money, and this is something that many townspeople do not know..


One night, one of the peasants was unusually late in his farm, and when his family became concerned, his sons went out after him, and they entered the fields with torches in their hands, looking for their father. They searched at length in the corn fields and among the trees in the farm, but in vain they did not find their father, and when the night broke and the painstaking search exhausted them sat down to rest under a large tree in the middle of the farm, and while they were silent each of them thought with himself about the fate of his father and his fate, then he attacked their younger brother, bit him in the neck, and then fled at lightning speed, cutting off his jugular and leaving him bleeding hard to breathe. The last is in the hands of his terrified brothers who didn’t know what to do..


After this incident, the people of the village decided to bury the damned well to bury this evil in its interior. A whole year passed and nothing happened in the village..


One night, after the wedding was over, the groom and the bride were in their bedroom on the first night of the honeymoon, and as they tanned they heard cracks in the floor of the room, and they soon saw the tiles budge, and then suddenly the dirt was scattered from below and the floor tiles flew out of a hole in the floor, leaving no room for the groom to escape..


The groom’s parents rushed to their son’s room after hearing that frightening sound, and there they found the overwhelming chaos in the room, the floor no longer exists but there is a hole leading to a tunnel heading down, and they found their son’s body torn, and the bride disappeared and found no trace of her..


The villagers chose some young people to go into this tunnel and explore it, loaded their weapons and entered, finding a complex network of tunnels under the village, the largest of which is the tunnel that leads to the side of that damned well.. As they crawled through those tunnels, they heard a moan, so they approached very carefully to find the woman who had disappeared, her body full of blood but still alive. Then there was an idea in the minds of the people of the village, which is to flood those tunnels with water, they extended the pipes to pour their water into the gap in the room and flow into the tunnel until the hole filled with water and after hours the body of that terrifying creature floated through the hole in the room and the water killed him.


After several months, signs of pregnancy appeared on the woman who was abducted by the object, and when nine months passed and during the night the woman gave birth to a deformed child whose head had no human features, but his body was the body of a human being.she put it in a white scroll and carried it at night and disposed of it at the threshold of the mosque. she waited there and did not leave until she saw a light shining through the darkness of the night. this was the muezzin of the mosque holding a lantern as he was coming to raise the ears of the dawn..


Feverish in Arabic is hot black smoke


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