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Does the surface of the moon hide traces of rules for extraterrestrials ?



Sky News Arabia reported today that the head of the Department of astronomy at Harvard University, Abraham Loeb, said that having a Research Center on the moon or regular missions increases the chances of us finding evidence of distant, if already existing, space civilizations.

According to Loeb, the search of the moon for clues will help scientists looking for extraterrestrials, because “the fall of any sign of extraterrestrial life, whether biological or mechanical, on the moon, will mean its survival waiting to be discovered.”


Loeb explained the matter through an article published by the website “santvik American”, where he noted that the absence of atmosphere and geological activity will make the moon retain any ancient traces, according to the scientific news site “observatory of the future”.

“It would be great to find on the moon micro-fossils or any images of alien life, and even more wonderful to find traces of technical equipment that fell on the moon billions of years ago,”he added.

The lob has sparked controversy in the scientific community last year after allegedly dose of Interstellar or “from”, which entered our solar system, coming from another group, which resembles The Shape of the blade shaft, it may be a probe used to extraterrestrials.

In this regard, the supernatural site had shown a film of Moon oddities produced after the freedom of Information Act allowed the publication of numerous panoramic images of the moon that had been taken by successive Apollo missions from Apollo 1 to Apollo 17, and scientists and astronauts were interviewed about what appeared to be formations of colonies or facilities on the moon.


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