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Scientists are looking for “parallel universes”

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Scientists at the physics research center of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) are trying to power the large hydronas Collider at full capacity, in an attempt to discover, or even create, miniature black holes, based on a new research paper behind which 3 scientists, including two Egyptians, stand.




If successful, a whole new universe will be revealed, and the physics books rewritten.


The scientists said that the experiment, if successful, would probably lead to the leakage of gravity from our universe into a parallel universe.


The experiment is expected to provoke criticism and warnings for the research center, as many critics have previously warned that a high-energy particle collider could lead to the “demise of our universe” by creating a black hole itself.


But the trade that will take place next week will change in the game.


“Just as with several parallel sheets, which are two-dimensional objects, they can have a third dimension, parallel universes can exist in a third dimension,”said physicist Mir Faisal, who is behind the experiment as well as the Egyptians Ahmed Faraj Ali and Mohamed Khalil.


“We expect that gravity can seep into additional dimensions, and if that happens, we can create miniature black holes inside the research center,”he added.


“Usually when people think of the existence of multiple universes, they think of its interpretation of quantum mechanics of several worlds, where all possibilities are realized, which is untested, so it lies in philosophy, not science.. Which we do not mean in parallel universes.. Rather, what we mean are real universes in additional dimensions.”


“While gravity can disappear from our universe and go towards other dimensions, this model can be verified by the discovery of miniature black holes inside the research center,”he added.


He noted that the amount of energy under which we expect to discover black holes within the “rainbow gabions” has been calculated, and the latter is a new scientific theory.


If we can detect miniature black holes at the limits of this energy, we will know that both the theories of rainbow gravity and additional dimensions are correct,”he explained.


The research center and its Hadron Collider succeeded in finding the existence of the Higgs boson, which is believed to be the core of the formation of the universe.


They are also on their way to uncovering the “dark matter”, which makes up the majority of the matter of the universe.


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