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Supernatural : He came to thank his girlfriend 9 hours after he died.

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Supernatural occurrences as cases of returning from the dead, communicating with the dead, evil spirits and ghosts. Many may disagree about its interpretation and its truth, although some doubt it as a form of fiction and illusions, but that does not deny the existence of frightening and terrifying phenomena, which the mind or science may stand unable to justify.

Of these supernatural incidents, CNN Arabic has shown one of them, and although they differ, the common factor in them, and according to those who have experienced such experiences :

It was a very cold Saturday night, when Nina de Santo started closing a unisex hair salon in New Jersey.. When I saw him standing in front of the front door glass to.. It is her client Michael, a quiet voice, whose family life is at a critical juncture following his separation from his wife and her win of custody of their two children after a fierce court battle.

Di Santo opened the door of the shop to Michael, who looked smiley destination, stood near the entrance and addressed her saying: “I will not stay long.. I just wanted to stop by the store to say thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

The next morning, Sunday, she was surprised by a phone call from one of her employees, informing her of the finding of Michael’s body after his suicide on Saturday morning, 9 hours before they exchanged words at the entrance of her shop.

Recalling the incident in 2001, Di Santo says: “it was very strange.. I was in denial.. How to tell anyone that I saw the guy, and as I always knew him, he walked into the shop and exchanged words with me.. But he was dead?؟ ”

Investigators call such incidents the “ghost of the crisis” – the spirit of a recently deceased person who visits someone with whom she usually has a close emotional connection – to say goodbye.. Despite the chilling horror of “telepathy” or “encounters,” others find emotional interpretation as confirmation of the bonds between loved ones that do not end in death.

“I don’t know what to say about these stories,” says Steve Falk, author of “Fringe-ology,” which deals with supernatural incidents, such as telepathy, and ghost hunting.. Some say it’s evidence of life after death.”

There is a theory that a person at the time of his dying involuntarily transmits the image of his body, through telepathy – to people with whom he has a close relationship.

“Sometimes you suddenly feel someone close to you next to you and you find out later that he was going through a crisis at the same time.”


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