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In the year 2020…. 65 journalists killed in the line of Duty



Shocking data revealed by the International Federation of journalists (IFJ), which confirmed that 65 journalists were killed in the line of duty in various parts of the world in 2020.

Federation reported in its annual report, on Friday, that the number of killings of journalists during their work has increased by $ 17 compared to 2019.

The report added that the deaths of journalists occurred in 16 countries during attacks, bomb explosions, bombing incidents and exchanges of fire.


2,680 journalists have been killed in action since the International Federation of journalists (IFJ) began its annual statistics in 1990.



These statistics show that the number of murders of journalists and media workers remains at the same level as in the 1990s.


Mexico topped the list of countries dangerous to journalists for the fourth consecutive year in the past five years, with 14 murders, followed by Afghanistan (10), Pakistan (9), India (8) and the Philippines (4).


The report also underscored the commitment of IFJ to continue its campaign against impunity by pressuring governments to assume their responsibilities by investigating the killings of journalists, including the adoption by the UN General Assembly of the international treaty for the protection and safety of journalists.


The report will be officially launched at a digital forum on March 15th in collaboration with Resist immunity, a Brussels-based association that advocates for justice for journalists.


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