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I was in another world.



One cold winter day, when I was sitting with my sister in front of the electric fireplace, talking as usual, my mother came screaming at me to order me to wash the dishes, she refused her time and asked to postpone this task if I was cold, but she poured her anger jam and threw me a plastic table that did not hit me after I


As I found myself in a completely dark place, I heard voices, and cried: “Where am I and my family ?! “You are now in our world and there is no need to go back and your family will not miss you,” she said, adding that the voices also added that my world is over and no longer exists . The rest of the details in this world I don’t remember them, and later I came back to the place of beginning any dark place and they told me that I could go back now, and I screamed: “Hey I don’t want… Please .. I want to stay”, I turned the verse now, they answered me : “at first you want to return and now your decision changed after I spent three days in our world”, I kept crying for them because I do not want to return but to no avail I went back as I entered, pain in my head and in my eyes, I opened my eyes to see my sister’s face moving to another world, my mother responded : “No stupidity ! “My sister said,” You Moved Your Head back and then you brought it back just to burst into tears, “my father said,” it’s okay ..Maybe the devil closed your eyes.”


I hate things that don’t have a scientific explanation, and I believe that everything has a reason and an explanation, so please report.


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