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baba vanga Balkan divination: blind with a mind-boggling future vision



baba vanga Balkan divination: blind with a mind-boggling future vision

Balkan divination: blind with a mind-boggling future visionWe write here about a fortune teller who sees what he does not see, we have an old saying in Morocco : “every blind is led by an angel”, it is also said that someone wanted to embarrass the blind and said to him: “God did not take anything from his servant but compensate him, so what did he compensate you ? “He replied: “God made it up to me not to see the likes of you.”


Some wonder what the blind dream about ? Do you know, reader, what she dreams about, or, perhaps, what a blind person sees ? Not to return a vision, not a knight to her on a white horse. No never, she sees the future !



I invite you to know one of the most famous and controversial blindfolds of the last century, called “vangela Pandeva Dimitrova” also known as Baba Vanga or by her famous nickname Balkan fortune teller, some say that she seized the turban of Nostradamus the famous fortune teller, and even said about him that he knows nothing about astrology .. “.


About her life.

Known in all parts of the world for its exciting predictions, some even called it the Balkan Nostradamus.. She was born in January 1911 in Bulgaria, in the village of strumitsa – now in Macedonia – then under the control of the Ottoman Empire like any ordinary girl of a modest family, her father was an Army recruiter, and her mother a housewife . Vanga lived a normal childhood life that was indistinguishable from her peers, until her mother died when she was still young, but the worst has not yet happened to the young Vanga. ،

Surrounded by a crazy storm outside the house, the poor woman got lost in ignorance of the hurricane and the wind threw her to hit the ground, which led to her loss of consciousness, her family found her later and she is almost dead, but she finally regained consciousness, but Vanga no longer sees the light because of the entry of a large amount of dust and dirt blind people in the city of Zemun in Serbia, to learn there to read, play the piano, clean and others .. After three years, she returned to her father’s house after the death of his wife .. When Vanga grew up young, she was struck by a strange illness that the doctors described as dangerous, even more so; they told her that her days were numbered, so Vanga resorted to healing herself with herbs; and, oddly enough, what happened ! She was completely healed and she contradicted the doctors ‘ words, and hence Vanga’s life changed, where she began to prescribe herbs to patients and even treat them with them until she became famous throughout the country, at that time the world was on fire because of the Second World War, and here a new ability appeared in her heroine, where people meant to know the situation of their loved ones at the front; engaged women asking about their. Vanga, predicting their fate, married in 1942 A man named gushterov, and the childless marriage lasted until 1963, when gushterov died of an unknown illness, which caused him to become addicted to alcohol . Vanga then did not marry until she died in 1996 in Macedonia at the age of 85.


Her most famous prediction

Baba Vanga has been answering questions about this predictive ability that mysterious creatures visit and give information about people’s lives and what awaits them in the coming years. Those interested in blind divination estimated that the rate of correct was up to 85 percent, we list below its most important predictions in chronological order of events predicted :


1 – the death of Stalin, 1953

Vanga predicted the date of death of the Russian leader Joseph Stalin and this was the most controversial prediction; she determined the exact date of his death, and this date did not pass without leaving the Iron Man .


  1. collapse of the Soviet Union 1991

Many scoffed at it then and wondered how the Soviet Union would collapse, the first superpower on Earth, but blindly predicted; the Soviets collapsed with their forces in 1991, and blindly predicted that Boris bilsten would win the Russian presidential election in 1991 to be the first president of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.


  1. Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster 1986

The Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster of 1986 also did not deliver on Vanga’s predictions, as she predicted in the 1950s global warming: “the cold regions will be warm and the ice will dry up,” and in fact in recent years the melting of the ice in the Poles has increased so that the planet will suffer from global warming.


  1. Russian nuclear submarine sinking 2000

On the sinking of the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk Vanga said : “in August 1990 or 2000 Kursk will disappear under water; the whole world will cry over it”, at first people or believers in its capabilities thought that it meant the Russian city of Kursk, or that a hurricane would destroy the city; until August 2000, when the world saw the tragedy of the sinking of the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk in mysterious circumstances, this would be one of Vanga’s strongest predictions, especially since it referred to the date of the accident and the name of the submarine.


  1. attacks of 11 September 2001

On the attacks of 11 September in 2001, Vanga said in 1989: “horror is horror ! The two American brothers will fall apart after they were hit by Iron birds, and the Wolves will howl in the grass and the blood of the innocent will walk “, and no one could know what the old man meant then in her words, until the passage of the eleventh of September 2001, which was enough to put the explanation of what. The “Iron birds” were interpreted by the two hijacked planes that hit the towers .. The word “bush” means “Bush” in English, referring to then-U.S. President George W. Bush.


  1. Barack Obama’s 2008 victory

“The 44th president of America will be black, and he will be the last president of the United States,” said Vanga, one of Vanga’s most famous predictions, and in 2008, African-born Barack Obama won the U.S. election to be the 44th president in the history of the United States . But he was not the last president; he was followed by Donald Trump in 2017, half as true as Vanga expected .



  1. China is the world’s strongest economy 2018

In the 1970s, our fortune teller predicted that by 2018 China would be the strongest economy in the world, but this prophecy was not fulfilled as it is known, the American economy still dominates the world markets, but the believers in Vanga linked its prediction to the Great Leap witnessed by the Chinese economy between the 1970s and the 2nd decade of the



  1. forecast for the coming years

We list some of its future forecasts :

– In 2023, Earth’s orbit will change.

– In 2025, the population of Europe will vanish .

– The Year 2038 will be as humans fly toward Venus to bring in energy materials.

– In 2030 the polar ice will melt and the water level will rise on Earth.

– In 2043 Europe will turn into an Islamic caliphate.

– In the year 2100, man will create an artificial sun to illuminate the dark side of the Earth.

– 2130 people will live in cities under water with the help of extraterrestrials.



In conclusion, the Arabs have a famous saying: “the astrologers lie, even if they believe” but allow me to tell you that this phrase contains a terrible contradiction, How can they lie and believe at the same time? ! True, “the astrologers lie if they happen to happen,” but what do you say if they happen once, twice, three and more ?


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