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Paralysis and sex



This is the first time I have shared my experience online, I am a 23 – year-old who has long been suffering with symptoms of croup.the symptoms increased when I was 18, but at about the age of 20, when I was sleeping, I felt a strange feeling like my body was moving against my will and that I was having sex. I was at the same time scared and felt the semen coming out, and then I started to control my body. when I checked my body, I found no trace of semen coming out.



This story stopped at that point and was never repeated in this way, but the nightmares and the goth kept coming with me . At the age of 22 I began to fully adapt to sleep paralysis so that I was no longer afraid and began to try to resist by opening my eyes or trying to move my body or in other words challenging this leprechaun sitting on my chest .


Some time I resist drowsiness and sometimes I can not, but when I do not resist I start to see a lot of strange dreams and at the same time I know that I am asleep and when I want to open my eyes I feel paralyzed and at the same time I feel something that touches me imagining that she is a girl and then I feel that with strange reassurance, she doesn’t want to hurt me, knowing that the paralysis subsides when she touches or fondles me. I can get up if you want. I feel physically tired and I sleep for a long time afterwards without feeling enough sleep, which was not the case before it developed.


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