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paranormal:I’ll be with you forever.



paranormal:I’ll be with you forever.

Started my story since childhood when I was five and I see Dream always speak is that I’m in a car traveling on their own and he wasn’t next to me but strange creature shape-free features of the tree.


Then I remember that I visited with my family a place that looked like a small island and in the middle of it was an abandoned tower and it was 11 at night I remember that I went up to the tower with one of my relatives and he was the same age (we were about ten years old), the tower was a circular staircase! We didn’t talk to start with the windows open and close firmly alone (there wasn’t any air helps move it) suddenly it’s like someone started shooting us with stones, invisible and fast.


A year later I started a series of nightmares and strange phenomena that did not end to this day, I started on the day I was sleeping and I saw the most scary dream in my life, which is that I was chased by demons I did not see them in their form but I saw them in the form of my acquaintances around me and suddenly they So I read the verse of the chair disappeared completely ! This nightmare repeated to my life, and one day a Sheikh came to read Ruqyah at our house .. But when I went the Sheikh asked my father to ask me if I was lying to the Sheikh, and the Sheikh confirmed that there was something wrong with me !!


Those dreams continued and in a day changed to be clearer .. I saw that I was in the house alone and two Demons entered me and godly man and woman .. The woman was hovering around the house looking for something back and forth in front of me swearing religion and the Lord either the man was standing in front of me watching me and didn’t move or say a word I told her what you are looking for maybe I can help you , she gave me no interest and finally found what you are looking for .. When I found her , she started dancing with joy, and I said, “there’s a lot of this,” and she said, ” no..I just want these, ” she said .. I took her out the window but the man didn’t go with her, I looked at him and said, “I’ve gone, so you go too,” he smiled at me and said, ” I’ll be with you forever.”


After this day, I always felt scared, but I held on to the strength of my faith, so I never left the Qur’an.. On a day when I was asleep I saw the Demons coming after me again trying to read the verse of the chair on them muttering words to me to misread , I woke up and grabbed the Koran and started reading (this situation happened when I was 11) but I couldn’t, I don’t know why but I tried and tried to no avail .. I started crying and I woke up my mother crying and I said, ‘please read me from the Koran,’ and when I started reading, I swear, I felt that my soul would come out of my chest, I felt a strong pain !! When I read a verse, I read : “and follow what was revealed to you from the book of Solomon….”I started screaming without feeling .. When my mother reached the chair, I felt very sleepy and still felt my soul aching and begged her to stop .. After this day didn’t stop this dream I remember the days that I dreamed I caught the Qur’an and began to burn my hands and in the dream I went to the elder cut him what I saw and said to me :” it’s too late ” .


I didn’t let what happened to me to live my life completed a high school degree than were accepted at the University .. Before I went to university, a Sheikh came to read to me and this day was the worst day of my life.. He started reading and I felt sleepy and suddenly I fainted .. I don’t remember what happened next, but they told me that a man’s voice came out of me and that he was screaming, swearing and laughing .. My life changed and I wasn’t planning on it .. I begged my parents to let me finish my studies .. I went and I lived in a sorority house, I lived in a room on my own on the roof .. I’m a social but I like to keep my privacy .. Once had a dream that a demon was in my room and the room is dark and you’re outside and it was with her baby when I come back, open the door out a little something running and she stayed in front of the door looking at me .. I woke up to the sound of the maid cleaning and she said to me, ” my daughter, Why do you live?.. This room is haunted, “I said,” what !! “She didn’t want me then I didn’t think about what she said and I believe it’s just a superstition .


One day I was asleep I woke up to sounds in my room and when I opened my eyes I saw two creatures wearing a large triangular cloak on top of my head I cried and started screaming and no one heard my voice and they were looking at me motionless .


And one day I don’t remember how it all happened, but I was talking to someone I don’t know if he was a genie or a demon or just a fantasy .he always told me that he would stay with me and he told me that he felt everything, my pain and joy, that he would support me and he wouldn’t hurt me, but what happened was the other way around. for your own good.”


I changed my residence again and again .. My studies deteriorated I do not know why my first year at university stopped since the first months I cried to my parents to return me I never felt safe and did not trust anyone and whenever I got a situation with people he would say to me this strange man : “I told you so”, true I did not mention that he was talking to me in English and،


I completed a year at my parents and returned again to complete my studies and did not lose hope and this time I changed my university and my place of residence, I established many friendships to be busy about everything that happened to me and focused on my studies but my psychological condition continued to deteriorate and I continued to go with my uncle for treatment. Lost hope, and then completely changed .. After I was that girl who stayed the night and read the Koran every week and I care only to please my father, my God and my studies, I completely moved away from my religion and abandoned the Koran and left prayer and started smoking and using drugs and drinking alcohol, I write this speech and I’m still really shocked, I. This strange man became my friend, consulted him on everything I trusted .. But my parents were forcing me to go red .. They diagnosed my condition as” eaten magic, ” and the one inside of me admitted that he was an atheist who did not believe in God, neither heaven, nor fire, nor the day of judgment, and admitted that he loved me too .. He said that his master forced him to stay in my body and if he came out they would torture him.. Stopped after about Go Red and I told my parents that I’m mentally tired and lost hope and left side for the second time and other residential and non-friends.


My mother came to visit me in the country where I study .. After noticing that I had moved away from my religion and become very introverted, I insisted that I return to therapy . On the day of the Sheikh reciting I began to regain consciousness a little but I could not open my eyes .. I saw him .. This man is burning and screaming .. He told the Sheikh that he would go and his voice disappeared, the Sheikh preached to my mother and told her that my torment was over but no .. It wasn’t a few minutes until I saw him again .. I saw him come into my body and say to me, “I’m sorry, I have to,” I told my mother and she in turn informed the Sheikh and we returned again to the same episode .. But something happened after several sessions .. It was a powerful, that’s what they told me I wasn’t conscious then, and this guy was so tormented and butter of my mouth .. Indeed, I felt a little bit relieved after this day.


It wasn’t months until the dreams came back .. The same novel follows me in the bodies of my acquaintances as I try to read the verse of the chair on them and they mutter to stop me, and I also saw in a dream that a woman came out of the wall and screamed at me and went back to the wall again .. One day I was with my friends and they brought me a kind of drug ( and I’m sorry to mention this, but I believe that these situations have a connection), and what I heard about this drug that it is related to black magic and that it has a chemical compound that some could not recognize and called this drug ( Synthetic Marijuana ) but I did that’s the moment I lose my sense of myself and he starts to control me, that day I saw in this coma that I was in a coma and I was in a coma. Many, I saw demons in their true form, dwarfs of their color in it of black and red laughing with strange sounds ..


A few months later I dropped out of school and came back to my parents .. Then I started the croup.! It never happened to me before but in the last month it happened to me about 3 times .. First I saw someone rape me, and I woke up, but I couldn’t move or talk, and I actually felt pain all over my body, and I found wounds, and once I saw that the devil was holding my head and putting it on the ground and saying To me, ” Obey !Obey! “I really felt all the pain on my body and neck, and then Sheikh came to read to me again but something different this time was not the same sound that came out of my body over the years .. This time it was a baby girl’s voice !! She spoke and told her story .. It’s March and I’m years old 7 years and also ordered to stay in my body by her father a senior leaders and he was before her older brother, age 23 years and now they are food because it came out of my body, and then came the thing was crying when reading the Qur’an and pouring water but she refused to say a word again .. I write you my case now because I have despaired, I want to live a normal life .. I want to be a successful woman as I wished from my childhood to know what caused this, is it psychological illness or is it touch and magic as they said, I want to be treated, please help me .


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