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UPS cargo to buy electric hovercraft from startup



UBS shipping & delivery is looking to buy electric vertical hovercraft for the first time and use them to deliver cargo in SME markets from a startup in the rising electric aviation industry.


Based in Atlanta, Georgia, ups said in a press release that Riyada-Al Jazeera received a copy of – that the aircraft, which is still being piloted, will contribute to the development of the UPS cargo fleet, reduce emissions in the atmosphere and flight noise, and save energy consumption.


These electric aircraft can be charged from an ordinary ground charging station, of which the company owns a number, the statement said.


UBS said it will buy the new electric fleet from startup Beta Technologies, based in Burlington, Vermont, and founded in 2017.


The announcement between the two companies comes as a recent series shows the importance of electric vehicles and self-driving vehicles in increasingly global markets, especially in the United States, and the rising trend for future adoption by giants, billionaires, and special purpose acquisition companies.


Many startups and entrepreneurs seek to engage in this field in college, or in one of its aspects. The Arab region is still in the process of starting startups in general, and has not yet entered the field of investment in electric helicopters or electric self-driving vehicles.


UBS is one of the largest shipping companies in the world, with revenues of nearly دولار 85 billion last year, operating in 220 countries and regions around the world, and the company is experimenting with drone delivery, as well as using alternative means of energy in some of its vehicles.


“These aircraft will fly and land on UBS-owned land in a very quiet manner, thereby reducing cargo transport time, vehicle exhaust and operating cost,”the company said in a statement.

“This is innovation with a focus on the return on our company, on our customers and on the environment,”said the company’s chief engineer Juan Perez. “These new aircraft will bring efficiencies to our business, open up new services and, essentially, serve future solutions to reduce emissions from our air and ground operations,”he said.


The aviation industry is beginning to focus on small-scale aircraft, and beta technologies ‘ aircraft are known to use 4 crane propellers, one front-wheel drive propeller, and can charge its battery in one hour.


“By exploiting vertical ups and downs, relatively small places-such as those already available with ups – can be converted into small airport networks, without the noise or operating emissions found in conventional aircraft,”said startup founder Kyle Clark.


Ups will take delivery of 10 of its contracted aircraft in 2024, which is expected to replace some of the traditional small aircraft that need a runway at an airport, and there is a possibility of purchasing 150 electric aircraft as well.


The electric helicopter is expected to have a payload of 635 kg and can fly 385 kilometres at a maximum ground speed of 273 kilometres per hour.


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