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Visitor Nibiru is approaching.. Is it the end of life on Earth, really?



Several decades ago, the US and Russian space agencies were able to observe unusual electromagnetic bursts from a mysterious source in the constellation Sagittarius, after studying it turned out to be an object approaching the solar system, scheduled for arrival between 2017-2020.




Usually, on a Facebook group or Twitter and Instagram hashtags, the story begins with a similar claim to the previous paragraph, but in fact the story of “Nibiru” or “planet with guilt” began precisely in the 1990s when an American citizen named Nancy lidar(1) claimed that she came into contact with a gray alien called the “Olive”, who planted a communication device in her brain for study as a human.




In exchange for this biological service that Mrs. lidar provided to the grey creatures, they told her a very secret tip, that a large crime called Planet X would soon pass through Earth and destroy civilization. Lidar described the object as spherical, four times the size of the Earth, and said it would arrive on May 27, 2003.

Of course nothing arrived, otherwise you would not have read this speech now, leader then said that she deliberately lied to deceive governments, because if she announced the real date of the approach of the planet, it would give the authority enough time to declare martial law and lock up people in cities, at that point in time appears(2) “Zakaria citizenship”, an American writer of Russian origin it soon collides with him, and according to seichen’s interpretation of the ancient religious texts of Mesopotamia, Nibiru passes every 3600 General.

It reached its peak in 2012, where some archeologists interpreted pages of texts of the ancient Mayan civilization, and they said that they refer to the end of the world in 2012, specifically 31 December, because of the approach of one of the planets from the Earth, which will cause volcanoes, earthquakes and severe hurricanes that end the life of humans, this was the largest this year peacefully.




Do you think it stopped there and people were convinced it was just a myth? It all started again in 2017, when a conspiracy theorist, David Mead(3), who called himself a “Christian numerologist,” put the idea back on the table. This time Mead linked his claims to various passages of the Bible, saying that the Bible contained secret numerical codes that revealed the exact date on which Nibiru would arrive, which was October 2017, but later amended the date to September 23.




Mead further claimed that he used the geometry of the pyramids of Giza to predict the exact date of the arrival of Nibiru, which introduced ancient Egyptian civilization into the tale, specifically some used the symbol of the winged sun or “the winged sun of Thebes” and said that it represented the planet Nibiru, and indeed some images of the sun from one of the agency’s

Again, nothing happened, but the tale continued, and it branched into hundreds of stories, and Arab bloggers linked it to narrated conversations about the Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him-and interpreted Quranic verses as meaning when Nibiru approached the Earth, which gave this myth a degree of rigidity that made it continue and expand, to the point that those who doubt it

From an astronomical point of view(4), one of the planets in this form can not approach the earth without realizing its presence, as it will be illuminating in the sky for several months or years before its arrival, as planets such as Jupiter or Saturn do throughout the year, this means that the planet nebro would have been seen in the telescopes of amateur astronomers in all the world of note it from very far distances, so the “Nibiru” of Certainly not even among the eight planets of the solar system.




The claim that nibro orbits the sun once every 3,600 years also cannot be true(5), since the existence of a planet that penetrates the orbits of other planets in this way would have caused the planetary system around the sun to collapse billions of years ago, and therefore the belief remains that this planet does not exist in the first place.

As for the images cited by conspiracy theorists as” evidence of the existence of nebro”, in which a winged object appears next to the sun, they are in fact the result of so-called” false images”, taken by solar telescopes such as SOHO, for the purpose of studying the solar ocean.




On the other hand, some are trying to connect the myth of “Nibiru” with what we now know as “Planet 9”, but the latter is(8) a hypothetical object that some scientists expect to be in the outer frame of the solar system because of some anomalies in the orbits of post-Neptune objects (behind Neptune, the last Planet of the solar system), but assuming the existence of Planet Nine in the first place, when it is near the sun it is about 4-5 times the distance between the sun and Neptune itself, which means that it is far from Earth and cannot interfere with the orbits

Space agencies around the world always track objects that pass close to earth, give periodic announcements about this automatically, and even set their forecasts for any object that is thought to pass through Earth in the next hundreds of years, and set the probability of injury, and what these models have reached is that no known asteroid or comet poses a significant risk to Earth over the next hundred years(9),

Despite all these signs, the Nibiru myth continues to resonate in the Arab world and has become a “trend” from time to time, especially during the past two years with the spread of the epidemic in all parts of the earth.events of this magnitude usually bring with them a massive tsunami of conspiracy theories that usually base themselves around the hypothesis of the end of the world, because some people cannot easily believe that all of this stems from the “nature of things” on the surface of this planet. although the attacks of epidemics have been repeated countless times, each of them has been a unique experience for the inhabitants of the planet.




But it is really interesting to observe the course of this kind of superstition, from the United States of America to the Arab world now, for example, in Europe and the United States the 1960s were the ideal time for alternative beliefs to take centre stage, where the enormous uncertainty in the aftermath of World War II sparked the counterculture revolution: New Age beliefs, alternative medicine, energy therapy, UFOs, anti-evolutionary




But these movements, which are usually random until you find celebrity theorists and supporters on social media, did not offer anything new, and all they did was quote conspiracy theories and American myths and reproduce them in our Arab society with our own cultural dye.

No one in the Arab world, for example, knows that Zakaria citizenship, whose name is usually mentioned in media debates about Nibiru and others, and is seen as a capable scientist, was of the view that the aliens were the ones who put humans on the surface of the Earth, and that the gods of ancient Mesopotamia were astronauts from the planet “Nibiru”, and in with “intelligent”contacts with extraterrestrial beings, that scriptures and religious events(prophecy And miracles) are associated with the action of extraterrestrials from other planetary systems.




Currently, for example, many are promoting misleading publications about covid-19 vaccines, and about the disease itself, and during the first months of the pandemic a video of a man named David Ike, a famous British conspiracy theorist, saying that Corona is a global conspiracy that serves only 1% of human beings, the Arab reader or viewer may think that Ike is a famous writer or ambassador of a country

No one knows that, no one knows either that he imagined that the miraculous abilities of the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) were thanks to extraterrestrials, and that the world is now ruled by a group of lizards coming from space who harnesses the governments of the world to serve them under the leadership of the Queen of England.if the Arab reader had known of these assets, he would have rejected them immediately. but, as we have just explained, Arab conspiracy theorists usually remove these roots that alienate people, either ideologically or logically, and put new roots in Arab culture.




That is why, as we discuss the myths that are circulating among us today, we must pay attention to the idea that what the promoters of these ideas, our virtual friends or acquaintances, are doing is nothing more than importing Western nonsense into our Arab world, nonsense that is usually tainted by very naive claims that not only contradict common sense, but also v


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