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These foods are ingested before and after receiving Corona vaccination



As more and more people around the world get covid-19 vaccines, the question arises of what foods are allowed to be taken before and after the vaccine, are there specific foods that are better to eat and which should be avoided?


Currently available vaccines against coronavirus have shown efficacy against the virus regardless of the diet of people who are vaccinated. But there are substances in which the body gets the nutrition it needs before and after receiving the vaccine, according to Deutsche Welle reported on the medical site “Health”, and there are other substances that the site advises to avoid at that stage.

IDMA foods that are recommended to avoid it, also downloaded, before and after vaccination:


  1. drink water

Recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water spread over the entire day before getting the vaccine after it too.


2-eat food that helps to sleep

Get adequate rest helps the immune system to work at full capacity, increasing the importance of sleep before the vaccine, and then it is necessary to eat the correct food items that will help you sleep. And to get a good night’s sleep, uninterrupted should avoid foods that contain fat, sugar, and any foods that may hinder your sleep.

  1. replace processed foods with natural ones

Processed foods with elevated levels of fat, sugar or sodium can provoke infections, the continuation of which weakens the immune system.


While there is still no research on the nutritional effect of the vaccine, it is important to take anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting nutrients after getting the vaccine, mainly fresh vegetables and fruits.


  1. pre-vaccine snack

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has received reports of some vaccine recipients fainting, but this type of fainting is often due to anxiety and stress rather than the vaccine itself, and is also often due to low blood sugar levels. So a snack accompanied by a drink can prevent low blood sugar.

5-pre-vaccine shopping

After getting the anti-Corona vaccine, some people experience one of the side effects which is nausea. It is best to prepare for this possibility by buying suitable food items that can be easily digested such as bananas, potatoes, vegetable soups and rice. The site advises avoiding heavy foods such as dishes rich in cheese or cream, fried food, meat and desserts.


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