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Unforgettable night in the garden of October



This experience happened with my brother, who is two years younger than me, where we were studying at the University in Damascus, it was my brother’s habit to go out with his friends a lot and it was his habit to prolong his evening with them and late to return, which made me very uncomfortable because I see him in charge of me, especially



One night in the early winter of 2008 I was waiting for him and the clock was approaching midnight, and in Damascus people do not stay very long outside the house, so I called him on the phone and I was angry and worried about him, and I said to him: “Why Have you not returned yet,” and he said : “I’m on the way , I “He said,” I’ll tell you when I get back ” .


When he came, his face was yellow, which worried me so much, I asked him what happened, and he said, : “Something strange has happened to me,” he began to continue talking, that he was with his friends and they passed by one of the gardens, which is the garden of Tishreen known to everyone in Damascus, where it occupies a large area in the heart of the capital, he wanted to spend his need especially that the way home requires a long time and can no longer the leaky taps turned on his cell phone light so he could see. it was the bathroom. He started to hear the door of the toilet next to him close so hard he panicked and his heart almost stopped beating from the intensity of fear, since he did not hear the door of the main bathroom open and did not hear that anyone entered it and the door of the toilet was open and the light of his mobile phone saw that there was no Why are you running?! “Did anyone come after me to the bathroom?” he asked, shivering.! “They said,” No, “he said,” I swear now, “they said,” and Allah did not enter anyone, we stayed standing here and did not move, “and he said to them,” let’s get out of here, “and on the way he told them what happened, and they said,” didn’t we tell you from the beginning, this garden is empty and very large and dark and


I do not know the explanation of what happened with my brother that night knowing that we are a family that does not believe in superstition, even though we believe in Jinn they are mentioned in the Koran, but we did not believe that they could intimidate or harm any human being or appear to him knowing that we do not suffer from any condition or mental illness in the family,



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