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Legend and bathing



I am a high school student and I am now 17 years old and in the second year of the baccalaureate (last year). my home country is in one place while I study elsewhere, a boarding school with a long history. I entered this boarding school when I was 16 years old, and I studied the first year of public high school (baccalaureate). this school has a legend going back decades that one of the old management staff committed suicide by hanging himself in the school bathroom, because the high school students at that time successfully defrauded him and his career or even his freedom is in danger because of them.

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Some may not believe this myth, but what happened made us all believe it in school and because we know the seriousness of the ancient pupils in this high school, and even the administration was telling us repeatedly about the marvels that the ancient pupils were doing, and then the students of the high school moved from that place to another place and the place became abandoned, and immediately after I entered the study they sent us back to the same place

One day I wanted to take a shower, so I collected my belongings and went at a steady pace to the bathroom and turned on the lights and then closed the door, and as soon as I started to shower until I allowed successive clicks on the doors and windows ,and if only the clicks on the doors I would say that my friends are preparing a prank I immediately rushed out, wearing nothing but what could save my suffering, leaving all the other clothes and washing tools, and then I informed my close friends of what had happened, and I did not inform everyone so as not to make fun of me, I informed only those who trust me and take my words seriously, and I went with a group of my friends to get the rest of the clothes.as soon as we entered, all the sprinklers flooded and we all got wet without knowing who was responsible. however, we were able to take the clothes out, and we kept quiet about the news so as not to make it bigger, but this incident remained firmly in my mind and I wanted to share it.

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