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Space with the eyes of cinema.. Here are the best extraterrestrial travel movies



Space, that great range surrounding the Earth, has been the object of curiosity of many humans throughout history, from the average Street man to specialist scientists. Over the years, man has taken serious steps to explore what is beyond our Blue Planet.


And cinema as usual flirts with everything related to human interests, so it presented viewers with a number of films about space, whether about real stories of space flights that have already taken place, or imagined ones that show us beyond the imagination of each other


“Arrival”, directed by Denis Villeneuve, starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner and produced in 2016, gave us a fairy tale about an alien invasion of the Earth, but unlike what happens in the stories of communication between arrivals and humans in the usual wars and conflicts, this time the director gave us the other face.


The aliens of the Alien film do not want to take possession of our planet and its resources, eliminate the Earth’s creatures, but to communicate with them, and save them from an incoming danger, through Dr. Lois banks, who was able to devise a language that allows her to do so.


It was nominated for eight Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Picture, and received one award, Best Sound Editing.




Gravity is directed by Alfonso Cuaron, starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock and produced in 2013.

Set in extraterrestrial space, Dr. Ryan Stone makes her first space flight with veteran astronaut Matt Kawasaki, but the journey does not go well, and the doctor is forced to face not only the risk of dying alone in space, but also her old fears and past that stalks her even as she is thousands of miles from home.

The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and received the admiration of critics and viewers, due to the very distinctive filming and visual effects at the time of the film’s production, as well as 10 Oscar nominations, of which 7 were won: Best Director, Best Soundtrack, best photography and Best Visual Effects.

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first man directed by Damien Chazelle, starring Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy and produced in 2019.

Offers film tells the story of astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first human to set foot on the moon, but not only cares about the details of the process difficult technically, but the real win, the only man despite having the midst of his family, which was suffering from anguish after the shock of losing his only daughter.

Focusing on the character in its various aspects, not just heroic, was a powerful factor in the film, which received critical acclaim, awards and 4 Oscar nominations, of which it won the Best Visual Effects award only.

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Interstellar) directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Michael Caine, and the production of 2014.

In this film space is not only the unknown that humans want to explore but the only refuge before them in the shadow of the dangers that threaten life on Earth, from violent dust waves, crop death and air pollution, thus a space mission led by engineer Cooper explores other planets on a journey to find a planet suitable for human life.

The film was one of the most important films of the year of its production, the most revenue, achieved great public and critical success, due to its twisted, difficult and full of changes in time, which aroused the imagination of the audience, and received the Oscar for Best Visual Effects among several nominations.



(The Martian), directed by Sir Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain production 2015.

This film offers an exciting premise: What if you get into space but stay there alone? What mechanisms do human beings have in order to keep their lives in a very dangerous environment that is not designed to preserve human life.

The hero of the film astronaut engineer Mark Watney is in an accident, and his colleagues on the space flight are forced to leave him alone on Mars thinking that he has died, and wakes from fainting to find that he has to save his life and keep it until a rescue flight does not know exactly when it arrives.

The film is based on a novel that blends action, science fiction and comedy, although it is based mainly on the performance of one actor all the time.

It was screened at the Toronto Film Festival, received the admiration of viewers and critics, دولار 630 million at the global box office, 7 Academy Award nominations including Best Film and Best Screenplay, and Matt Damon won the Golden Globe for Best Actor and an Oscar nomination as well.

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