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From the UFO files: facing Exeter



In 1965, an encounter with UFOs took place in Exeter, New Hampshire, and is still considered to be one of the most documented incidents in the history of the phenomenon.


The events of the city of Exeter became the subject of a book by the investigator and writer John F. Under the title “incident at exeter – the Interrupted Journey”, Luke also published a two-part series on events that captured the minds of millions of people.


Light turns into a body

The events of Exeter City began as 18-year-old Norman moscarello was trying to get into a car to get to his home on a cold September evening, on September 3, 1965, on Route 135, heading at 2:00 a.m. to the small town of Exeter, with a population of about 7,000, and as he walked along the road he suddenly noticed an abnormal light shining in the dark sky and the light quickly turned into an object headed straight towards him.


Almost body spanked young man

Moscarello later described this object, specifying a length of about 27.50 meters in diameter and its lights placed on its exoskeleton were very bright and said that the object was slowly floating down towards him and he was in a state of panic as he thought the object would hit him, so he landed on the pavement floor to avoid him.


Body attached to a car

Meanwhile, police officer Eugene Bertrand was receiving phone calls at the Exeter City Police Station, where he had to go out on patrol later, but he received a strange call from a woman telling him that while she was driving from the nearby town of Epping, she was followed by a large and silent object for about 20 km, causing her to panic to death, as she described.she eventually managed to get to the nearest place to make her phone call. she said that the object had left the area after she had stopped by the side of the road, but Bertrand thought the call was a joke.


Moscarello is filing a police report.

Meanwhile, back on Route 135, moscarello was rushing back to the road after failing to find anyone in the country house where he fled.finally, a car driven by a middle-aged man with his wife stopped and the terrified young man was immediately taken to Exeter City Police Station, where he began recounting the events of the last half hour to duty officer Wrigley scratch Toland.


Officer feedback

When officer Bertrand was in the patrol car, Toland told him wirelessly about the report that moscarello had filed, and Bertrand went back to the police station at about 3:00, and then he listened to moscarello’s story, and he realized that he was wrong when he ignored the woman’s previous call, then he thought about what moscarello had told him and decided to go back with the young man.to the viewing site.


Red color lights

When Bertrand and moscarello arrived at the site where the UFO was seen searching around the area, they did not initially find anything suspicious, and they finally decided to proceed to the open field, which is where the house visited by moscarello, and to the horse stable as well.the horses were agitated, according to moscarello, and then they suddenly heard a dog barking, and the UFO began to appear from behind two large pine trees and filled the place with red lights.


The officer is watching UFU.

Bertrand was a veteran who served the Air Force for 4 years and knew a lot about all types of aircraft, but the body he saw didn’t belong to any type of aircraft he knew .. I see him,” officer Bertrand said the next moment, ” Oh, my God… I’m watching this damn body with my own eyes !”


Like the sound of a dead tree leaf falling (rustle), the Yufu moved softly towards the surprised two men and fled to the police car as the Yufu was flying about 30.50 meters above them.

A second officer confirms the sighting.

The UFU light was so strong that it made the shape of the body indeterminate and the UFU lights were fading and then radiating again and moving back and forth between left and right in the following shape (1 ، 2 ، 3، 4، 5، 4، 3، 2، 1)، shortly thereafter, the UFO began moving slowly away from Bertrand and moscarello towards Hampton, and as the object was moving away, officer David Hunt of Exeter police arrived in time to view the object.


Congressional hearing

The testimonies of police officers and civilians about the sightings and events were incredible in Exeter, but they were so compelling that they were part of the congressional debate at its meeting on 05/04/1966 that eventually led to the formation of the Condon Commission of inquiry.

The “seal of approval” was also issued on this case because of the testimony of the policemen and the author of the book (John J. Fuller) said that the case of Exeter City was “irrefutable evidence” of the existence of unidentified and non-ground flying objects.


Thus, in 1966, Fuller published his investigation into this case in book form and became one of the best-known books according to the New York Times bestseller list, he also remained the best-seller in the history of the UFO phenomenon, and only those who were directly related to this case, David Hunt and Raymond Fuller, remained, while Norman moscarello died after an illness in April 2003, insisting until his death that what he saw that day was real and not an ordinary object .


Explain the incident and solve the mystery

In 2011, the November/December issue of The Skeptical Inquirer gave an explanation of this incident by Joe nickel, a prominent Maori investigator, and James mcgah, a retired Major in the United States Air Force.


Mcgha was flying his plane and trying to refuel it by a KC-97 specialized refueling aircraft such as the one on display at Pease AFB near Exeter City in 1965, and he noticed that the flashing light patterns reported by witnesses Bertrand and Mascarello were in the following order: 1 ، 2 ، 3، 4، 5، 4، 3، 2، 1 ، it is understood first-hand that these light signals are issued before the fuel supply where the KC-97 emits 5 flashes of a very bright red light from below its belly in the same order as mentioned above.

The suspension of the supply pipe stick at an angle of 60 degrees downward and its flap with the air currents (without being controlled by the supply stick operator ) produces a sound that resembles the rustle of leaves and that is exactly what Mascarello reported in his testimony.


It is certain that the KC-97 was used on this night in an operation called the Big Blast and so we can say that the mystery was finally solved 46 years later.


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