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Of which poor security knowledge and easy to guess passwords.. Reasons why Egyptians are a target for hackers



The data showed that Egypt was one of the highest countries in the rate of attempts to guess users ‘ passwords last year, with about 42 million attempts to guess observed, while Saudi Arabia recorded 22.5, the UAE 15.8 and Kuwait 11.1.


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The reports, announced at a company press conference last March by Kaspersky, a cyber security and protection specialist, come at a time when social media and email have become a breeding ground for cyber attacks.

Failed hacking attempts

Nada says-Al Jazeera net – that hackers tried to hack her account as she appeared a notice about trying to access her account on the social networking site Facebook more than once, confirming that she was surprised more than once by the presence of this type of notifications from the site, leaving no doubt that there was someone who tried to guess the password of the account.


“It was pretty scary because I kept my personal photos and private messages on the account,”NADA said.


Because of the panic, Nada decided to remove all the photos from her personal account, and changed the password under the suspicion that the hacker could know her.

As for Mahmoud Abdullah, his case is different from NADA, the hackers succeeded in their attempts and the damage was not limited to stealing one of his social media pages, but the target was this time his e-mail, which returned him with great damage, especially given the reliance on him at work as an Uber driver.


Mahmoud tells Al Jazeera net that his account was vulnerable to theft from a person and this led to the suspension of his work after the thief changed the PIN code of his e-mail, and then succeeded in controlling his account on the application, pointing out that his lack of experience prevented him from being able to interact with the event and he turned to seek help from technical experts.


Statistics and numbers

According to an official report of the Ministry of Communications last January, the number of users of mobile and terrestrial internet services as of last December reached 56.44 million.

The causes of the problem

The poor awareness of the insurance e-i have many in Egypt highlights the parameters that cause the theft of accounts, e-mail, especially if you can get inventor to know any simple data about the target person, Vickers mobile number, name or date of birth to begin the inventor of the process of trying to break passwords

Despite the tendency of many social media and e-mail sites to put means of data protection such as binary security system and the use of mobile phone in the registration process and the use of security questions, there is an obstacle that remains, related to the selection of easy-to-guess passwords for accounts through communication sites or via e-mail,


He pointed out that guessing passwords is a pattern of hackers seizing different accounts, which is known as “Brute force”, and through this pattern the hacker can use software that allows a dictionary containing millions of passwords used on e-mail accounts in a way that makes the process of guessing easier than expected as it requires only typing the password.





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