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“Ferocious” attack on Ivanka Trump over photo



Ivanka Trump has come under “fierce” attack on her personal social media accounts after posting a photo of her Thursday.



The daughter of former US President Donald Trump, posted a photo of herself taking the coronavirus vaccine and wrote phrases urging everyone to get vaccinated.

This image caused a huge attack from opponents of vaccination in the United States, the owners of “conspiracy theories”, most of whom followed her father Trump when he was president of the United States.

Many opponents of the vaccine considered Ivanka’s behavior to be a “surrender” and”let down” by her to them and all Trump supporters.


Ivanka is reportedly the first person from the Trump family, to receive a dose of the corona vaccine, and the only one so far.


“Getting vaccinated is the best way to triumph over this virus and protect ourselves and others,”Ivanka wrote in a comment on the photo.


Many comments came dismissive of the idea of receiving the vaccine “of course not” and ” why?”Others have also attacked Ivanka personally for her “submission” to the appeals of the US government.


US sources said Ivanka received the Pfizer vaccine in the state of Florida where she lives with her family.


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