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Which is better ..Brown or white sugar?



White sugar has a bad reputation on the health front, which leads many to look for healthier alternatives to get the least harmful taste. Among the nominated alternatives are always brown sugar. But is it actually healthier?



Find out in the following lines the differences between white and brown sugar according to Healthline




White and brown sugar is made from the same crops, either sugar cane, or sugar beet, but brown sugar differs from white in its composition, as it is a mixture of white sugar and molasses that gives it a dark color.


  1. color


The main differences between white and brown sugar are in taste and color, replacing white sugar with brown sugar affects the color of foods, giving them a light brown color.


3 – nutritional value


In terms of nutritional value between the two types of sugar, brown sugar has a slightly higher percentage of calcium, iron and potassium than white sugar, and is therefore a good source of vitamins and minerals beneficial to the body.


4 – calories


Brown sugar contains slightly fewer calories than white sugar, with a teaspoon of brown sugar providing 15 calories, while the same amount of white sugar contains 16.3 calories.


5 – uses


Although White and brown sugar can be used for the same purposes, brown sugar can positively affect the color, flavor or texture of products, and brown molasses retains moisture, so it is used in baking to maintain its softness and density.


6 – flavor


Brown sugar has a different flavor than white sugar due to the addition of molasses to it, however, white sugar is considered sweeter than brown, so a smaller amount of it can be used to get the desired taste.


Which is better for body health?


Studies have shown that one type of sugar cannot be preferred over the other in terms of impact on body health, it is due to how much a person prefers one of the two types depending on taste and color.


Although brown sugar contains more minerals than white sugar, the amounts of these minerals are so small that they will not bring health benefits to the body.


As to sugar in general factors apply for obesity and other diseases, including Type II diabetes, heart disease, so it is preferred in small quantities, avoiding excessive.


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