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Netanyahu calls for right-wing government needed by his occupying entity



After appointing Benjamin Netanyahu to form the government, the latter calls on the leaders of right-wing parties to join him to form a strong government that Israel needs today to meet the challenges.



Israel News 24 reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday called on his right-wing colleagues to join him in order to “form a right-wing and nationalist government that Israel desperately needs.”


Netanyahu urged the leaders of the “right-wing”,”religious Zionism” and”New Hope” parties Naftali Bennett, B’tselem Smotrich and Gideon Saar, respectively, to join him to form a strong right-wing government that Israel needs today.


“[Israel] needs a right-wing government that will last for years to come, to meet the challenges facing the Jewish state,” Netanyahu said, adding that such a government could be formed “in a very short time.”


Netanyahu also called on former prominent Likud member and “New Hope” Party chairman Gideon Saar to ” go home “and said that”Likud is your home you grew up in this house, you will be welcomed here with open arms.”


Israeli President Reuven Rivlin commissioned Netanyahu on 6 April to form a governing coalition after the prime minister received 52 recommendations for the post.


Zionist media revealed days ago that Netanyahu is facing difficulties in forming a new government coalition, and that “close contacts” aimed at forming a government coalition are continuing.


A week ago, Netanyahu called on Bennet and Saar to “put the deposits of the past behind us” and join him in establishing a right-wing government, saying that “[Israel] needs a strong right-wing government” to get it out of the coronavirus crisis, while any other government “will fail.”


Results after the fourth election ballot in the Israeli occupation entity in two years showed that the right-wing camp led by Netanyahu won 52 seats, the opposition camp for Netanyahu won 56 seats, and the “right-wing” party led by Naftali Bennett won 7 seats.



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