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The Indianapolis massacre.. The killer’s not normal. hate’s in.



US police and FBI officials announced Friday that the gunman who opened fire at a FedEx site, in the US city of Indianapolis, killing eight employees before committing suicide, was a 19-year-old former employee with a history of “mental illness” that led to his arrest by law enforcement authorities last year.

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Four Sikhs, three women and a man, were among those killed in the indiscriminate attack on Thursday evening, a local Sikh leader said.


Law enforcement officials said they had not yet determined whether racial hatred was behind the crime.


The attack is the latest in a series of at least seven bloody random shootings in the United States over the past month.


The incident occurred at a FedEx operations center near Indianapolis International Airport just after 11 p.m. local time, police said.


The matter lasted only two minutes and was over by the time police arrived on the scene, Indianapolis Deputy Police Chief Craig McCourt said in a press release.


The FBI said the police Indianapolis was laid suspect Brandon Scott Hall under temporary detention for mental health in March 2020 after his mother called law enforcement to report that he might try to commit suicide.


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