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Corona is turning the Oscars around.. Never before.



As producers seek to change the shape of a popular concert that, like other global events, is affected by the covid-19 pandemic, the five nominated songs will be presented at this year’s Oscars from the top of the new film museum in Los Angeles – and from a small town in Iceland.


“Hamilton” star Leslie Odom Jr. will be among those performing from the rooftop terrace of the as – yet-unfinished motion picture museum in Los Angeles, which has been under construction for years but, like the Oscars, its launch was delayed by covid-19.


The song “spike Naw” from the Civil Rights film “one night in Miami” will form part of the special premiere of the Oscars. As well as the song “Husavik” from Will Ferrell’s comedy film “Eurovision Song Contest: the story of Fire saga”, which will be presented from an Icelandic port with the song bearing his name.

“We have prepared some exciting events before and after the ceremony to enhance our main event,”Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh and fellow co-producers of the ceremony said in a statement Friday.


The statement added “We invite you to follow the whole event, otherwise you will lose them something unexpected and fun really”.


This year’s Oscars ceremony is organized in a film-like format and will take place mainly at the union train station in downtown Los Angeles, with physical distancing measures committed.


Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt and Reese Witherspoon will be among the front-row presenters for the ceremony that will see the biggest gathering of stars on the red carpet since last spring.


Special venues will also be held in Britain and France for international candidates who cannot travel to Los Angeles for the event.


There will also be a pre-concert musical entitled “Oscars: into the spotlight”.

The producers also announced an after-party show, ” Oscars: forever dark,” that will bring together the evening’s top winners with their golden statuettes, along with interviews with the stars.


The 93rd Academy Awards ceremony takes place on April 25, while the Academy Museum in Los Angeles will open on September 30.


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