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Spanish government rules out extending health emergency beyond May 9



Pedro Sanchez, the head of the Spanish government, reiterated that “his intention is not to extend the state of health emergency beyond the next May 9”.


“The government’s intention is not to prolong the state of health emergency,” Pedro Sanchez said during an appearance before the House of Representatives to talk about the state of health emergency and the government’s economic recovery and recovery plan, beyond May 9.


The head of the Spanish government added that from May 9 it will be possible to dispense with this mechanism “as long as the situation is not comparable to the one that existed when it was necessary to use this tool last October 25, and the credit for this is mainly due to the progress of the vaccination process”.


“The success of the new phase of the fight against the covid-19 pandemic will depend primarily on cooperation, cooperation, effective coordination between all departments and individuals, as well as individual commitment and responsibility,”said Pedro Sánchez.


“We will be able to reach the target of vaccinating 70 per cent of the population by the end of next month,”he said, adding that thanks to this effort and the intensification of doses.


Sanchez added that despite the acceleration of vaccination “we must not abandon our caution because the virus is still among us and the fourth wave of the pandemic has already given a series of warnings in recent weeks.”


He said, “Fortunately, I beat this fashion Spain slightly compared with other countries, but we can’t go back ever we are at the end of the tunnel”.spai


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