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Corona grants permanent residency to immigrants in Canada



Canada’s Immigration Minister, Marco Mendicino, has announced that his country will grant permanent residency to more than 90,000 foreign students and workers who worked on the front lines during the covid-19 outbreak and helped treat the injured.

The permanent residency program, which has been in effect since May 9, is intended for public health workers or other vital sectors, such as shop workers, farm workers and bus drivers, as well as graduates who have received degrees in the past four years.

Mendesino said the measure helps Canada achieve its goal of receiving more than 400,000 migrants this year, to offset the decline in immigration over the past year after the border was closed.

“The epidemic has highlighted the remarkable contributions of newcomers,”he added during a press conference.

“These new policies will help those with temporary positions plan for their future in Canada, play a key role in economic recovery and help us rebuild better,”he noted.

“Your status may be temporary, but your contributions are permanent (…) and we want you to stay,”he said.



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