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Moscow announces arrest of two people who planned to assassinate Belarusian President



Moscow has announced that it has arrested two people who planned a coup in Belarus and assassinated the president, according to the Russian news agency Tass.

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The Russian Federal Security Service said in a statement that the special operation conducted by the body in cooperation with the Belarusian security services resulted in the detention of Yuri zyankovich, who holds dual Belarusian and American citizenship, and Belarusian citizen Alexander fedota.


He explained that these two individuals were “planning a military coup in Belarus according to the proven scenario of fabricating colorful revolutions with the involvement of local and Ukrainian nationalists, as well as the assassination of (Belarusian) President Alexander Lukashenko.”


According to the Russian agency, zyankovich and fedota, as “thinkers of the Belarusian radical opposition”, organized a discussion of their plan for a military rebellion in Belarus and decided to meet in Moscow with “generals with opposition tendencies within the Armed Forces” of Belarus, following consultations held by zyankovich in the United States and Poland on the same topic.


According to the statement, the conspirators told the “Belarusian generals” that the success of their plan required the physical liquidation of almost all Belarusian leadership, first of all President Lukashenko.


The statement added that the planned coup was aimed at changing the constitutional order in Belarus and abolishing the post of head of state while handing over power to a”national reconciliation body”.


The Russian Federal Security Service indicated that the conspirators chose the day of the military parade in the Belarusian capital Minsk on May 9, on the occasion of Victory Day, as the date of their coup attempt.


The statement said that after documenting zyankovich and fedota’s meeting with the “generals” in a Moscow restaurant, the “conspirators” were arrested and handed over to the Belarusian investigative agencies.


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Saturday evening that his country’s organs had uncovered an attempt to assassinate him “that was planned with the consent of the US high command.”


He added in press statements carried by the satellite site “Russia Today”, that the Belarusian State Security Services stopped a group of people who were planning to assassinate him and his sons, as part of their plans for a coup in Belarus.


The ongoing investigations revealed “U.S. intelligence involvement in the planning of the operation,” he said, without elaborating on the timing of the operation.


Lukashenko said the operation was planned “with the consent of the U.S. high command, because only the high command can issue orders to kill a head of State.”


The Belarusian president said that part of the conspirators were arrested in Moscow, after a request from the Belarusian side was made to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the director of the Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov.


Lukashenko added that he thanks Putin for asking his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden during their last phone call, days ago, about U.S. intelligence involvement in the attempted assassination of the Belarusian president, noting that his question remained unanswered.


Lukashenko was not immediately available for comment from the US authorities.


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