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Where does the U.S.-Russian conflict take the region?



The Russian-U.S. relations file, observers believe, will enter into a strategic conflict over the region’s files, including Syria, Iraq and Iran’s nuclear file.

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The conflict between Russia and America is a geostrategic conflict over global geostrategic joints, including Ukraine, the Middle East, the Caspian Sea and Iran, as well as areas of Mongolia towards China.


They added that Russia and China are now in the process of returning to a multi-polar system conflict after the fall of unipolar, and after America’s economic decline and failure in foreign files under Trump. Russia and China, they pointed out, are at odds with America on the throne of the universe.


They stressed that Iran had the greatest role in confronting America’s project to destroy the region and ignite war there. They stated that Russia supports Iran in all positions on the nuclear deal, which makes them at odds with America in this regard.


They concluded that Russia was more able to influence the region’s files and even its influence in the Israeli elections was greater and stronger than America’s.


In contrast, researchers have confirmed that there are radical differences between America and Russia, the most prominent of which are the wars in Syria, Belarus and Libya. By supporting Syria, Russia was able to stop and defeat all American plans to completely destroy Syria, they added.


They stressed that everything that America has done in the region, from the destruction of Iraq and Syria and its position on the Iranian nuclear agreement, and now the outbreak of war in Ukraine, was to put pressure on Russia and destroy it.


Analysts pointed out that America seeks to find unrest in all different parts of the world because there is a change in the International Monetary System and the result of this change is the inevitable collapse of the International Monetary System, and to maintain the International Monetary System, America aspires to control the world in this period and impose its policies to avoid the collapse


After Biden’s return to power, the United States returned to traditional politics and geopolitical dogma, previously practiced by East-West rivalry but largely centered on Central Asia.


They concluded that the situation in Ukraine will testify even more stress and disorders, but this expansion will not lead to a war between America and Russia, but it will affect the product files are large, including Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.


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What are the implications of the Russian-US tension in foreign files?

How about their differences reflect on the region’s overlapping issues and features?


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