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Biden wants “sentences to carry” in dealing with the axis of resistance



While Biden knows precisely what the resistance axis wants, he does not know precisely how to deal with the Resistance Axis.

The world – it is said that


Biden knows well that Trump’s policies are not and should not be used, but at the same time he does not want to throw away the so-called gains that this policy has made, and it can be said that Biden wants to continue Trump’s policies from the point where he ended up, but at the same time he does not want to


As far as Iran is concerned, Biden is seeking to settle the nuclear file according to his planned goals without making any concessions, so while he is standing at the stop where Trump stood, he is seeking to force Iran to accept the formula of its final outcome, to abide by the nuclear restrictions as a first step and in the next steps to force Iran to accept the terms the contradiction is subjective and philosophical, so while heated negotiations are taking place in Geneva it is exposed At the same time, Biden’s European allies, who strongly support negotiating with Iran, are imposing bans on Iranian military officials while the White House remains silent.


In Yemen, diplomatic pressure is exerted on him and proposals are sent with American, Saudi and Swedish taste.. To Sana’a without containing a political word or a proposal that includes any gain or interest of Ansar Allah or the government of National Salvation.

In Iraq, the so-called strategic dialogue between the United States and Iraq continues, but at the same time, the pressure is increasing on the axis of resistance.thus, there is no security in Iraq and there is no safe point. this has raised doubts and suspicion among the Iraqi parties and forces. not only that, the suspicions and mistrust of the Iraqi people are directed at their neighbours.

In Syria, legitimate elections are opposed to the Syrian people, even before these elections are held, we see them as illegal, and while the Caesar law is being vigorously implemented, it prevents any aid for the reconstruction of Syria in international halls and meetings, and suspends aid for the abandonment of the Syrian people’s regime.

Finally, in Palestine, while Biden loathes and continues to hate Netanyahu for supporting Trump, he does not fully sympathize with the so-called normalization of some Arab countries with Israel, but at the same time he considers Israel’s Security Strategic, and his partnership with this entity is so valuable, that he is unlikely to sacrifice the upcoming Palestinian elections for Israeli interests.

Despite all that, for all the faltering of Biden, Iran is officially announcing the idea of enriching uranium to 90 per cent.the resistance of the Iraqi people is growing and calls more than ever for the need for the occupying forces to leave the country. the Yemenis, from time to time, are belittling the distance between them and Marib and firing rockets and marches at any area they want in Saudi Arabia. this is at a time when the Syrians are resolutely and willingly preparing to hold their elections, while the Palestinian resistance is preparing to hold elections without giving up the slogan “continued resistance against Israel” as the only solution.


Biden is acutely aware that he does not want a new and powerful rival in the region but he does not know precisely how he can tackle and get rid of him, but the cunning and cunning of God and God are the good of the cunning.




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