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Deadly crispy potatoes.. The delicious poison you feed your children



I think some historians to Marie Antoinette, The Last Queen of France before the revolution, had adopted decorate her hair with potato, which he did also her husband Louis XVI, preferably historians that the verb that it was an attempt to encourage farmers to grow more potatoes. After the spread of potatoes in America and Europe, the fruit began to enter the industry and prompted manufacturers to create a suitable industrial model, which contributed to the use of intensive fertilizers and arsenic as the first synthetic pesticide to eliminate the Colorado potato beetle. And all this explains the popularity of potato since the foot, and its ability to maintain its place on our tables to this day. (1)




A strange coincidence and a Cold War were behind the creation of the most famous crackers we enjoy these days. It was in 1853, when French fries became popular and at the top of the menus. In New York, a picky customer walked into a restaurant and ordered a plate of french fries to try it, but as soon as the dish arrived until he returned it commenting that it was wide and not crispy, the chef adjusted the dish but the customer returned it again, which made the chef feel the heat of insult in his kitchen As a retaliatory move, he cut the potatoes thinly as paper so that it would be difficult for the customer to eat them with a fork, and even force him to use his hands, but this revenge made the customer so satisfied that he ate the whole dish and admired his meal, hence the idea of potato chips.

Over the following decades, crisps became a favorite product for millions around the world, and they excelled in their preparation by adding different flavors, making them the top tier of the cracker ladder that is often the first choice and companion on trips, home evenings, and other occasions. Unfortunately, there is always bad news: the product we all adore can be too dangerous for our health and that of our children and loved ones to imagine.


“All potato chips contain acrylamide, and acrylamide is dangerous for your body because it can cause cancer.”


Alise Cappel, Research Director, Environmental Law Foundation of California (2)

The European Union conducted a 3-year study aimed at detecting food toxins caused by heat, and the study concluded that there are more than 800 compounds produced by heat, among which 52 are possible carcinogens. One of these is a dangerous chemical known as Acrylamide, which causes mutations in DNA, which may be responsible for an increased risk of cancer and may lead to neurological disorders. [3] in 2003, the food and Drug Administration (FDA) urged consumers to limit consumption of food sources containing acrylamide. It is also worth noting that manufacturers are not responsible-directly – for the addition of this substance to many products containing it, it is a secondary substance produced from the cooking of certain starchy foods at an elevated temperature. (4) (5)

Here the consumer may be wondering how to reduce their exposure to this toxic substance that envelops many products, and is responsible for the bright brown color that envelops most baked goods, crisps, smoke, crackers, coffee, and cakes, and at this particular point we highlight our responsibility to choose what we eat, and to what extent we are able to induce ourselves to stop or reduce

Researchers confirm that 30% of the diseases that afflict us are primarily due to the individual’s diet, and that’s where the responsibility lies. We can not always blame manufacturers of products for which we can reduce our consumption, especially if question marks and danger are hovering around them or a component of their components. In this regard, the body presented the food and Drug Administration (FDA) are some tips for consumers to help them enjoy chips homemade reduce exposure to this toxic substance by buying them ready (7):




First: avoid over-cooking, as acrylamide is formed in a larger proportion the longer the frying period under high temperature.

Second: do not store potatoes in the refrigerator, as low temperatures in the refrigerator can increase the percentage of acrylamide formation when cooking.

Third: it is recommended to cut the potato slices and soak them in water for 15-30 minutes before cooking, this step reduces the percentage of formation of acrylamide during cooking.

Fourth: the golden color of ripe potatoes is the safe color, the more brown the potatoes are, the higher the content of acrylamide.

May be manufacturers of potato chips crispy innocent of adding acrylamide, where he speaks itself during cooking, but that doesn’t mean that these companies are not guilty toward your health completely. In contrast, companies are adding a fatty emulsion called oleastra, a substance that the human stomach cannot absorb and therefore comes out of the stool, causing diarrhea, stomach discomfort and digestive problems that may eventually put children at risk of malnutrition. This substance is dissolved and excreted through the Feces, Causing vitamin deficiencies that cause various health problems in children and adults as well. (8)، (9)، (10)




Next time, when you hold a bag of crispy potato chips, the snack we feed our children and ourselves, the cucumber that sweeps the shelves in various flavors and colors, and the product that ignites a great competition between international and local producers, you have to remember that it contains toxic acrylamide, along with oleastra, and if that is not enough to abstain, you):




First: potato chips contain a high content of saturated fats that pose a significant risk to the arteries of the heart as a result of their deposition.

Second: these chips are fried in oils of unknown origin, unknown when they are replenished, and this increases the chances that they contain trans fats that the FDA advises to avoid completely in our diet.

Third: fried slices increase the secretion of stomach acids, which in turn increases the risk of stomach diseases, such as intestinal catarrh and ulcers.



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