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Super iPad and MacBook slimmer and faster.. That’s what Apple announced at its conference



The live broadcast of the Apple conference held due to the pandemic over the Internet ended this evening and lasted for an hour, starting at 10am Pacific Time (5pm GMT).


This is the most important announcement during the conference:

The conference began with a simple video about the company by Apple CEO Tim Cook talking about some simple information and the hope that the new year will be better for humanity.



Apple has announced the arrival of the new iPad, as the high-end tablet iPad Pro has received many updates.


The most important update is the use of the M1 processor on modern Macs, thanks to which it is 50% faster than the current model. With an eight-core processor, this tablet is more powerful than most computers on the market.


Apple has also copied the liquid Ritina technology found in its XDR Super monitor and became the new iPad Pro.


It is a display that impresses you with its brightness, brightness and colors with a brightness of a thousand candles sometimes up to 1600 lumens, with a MicroLED inside that is very close to the OLED experience.


The iPad Pro supports the PlayStation 5 (PS5) joystick, and other features include support for 5G (5G) connections, up to 2TB of internal memory and a new, custom-designed 12-megapixel wide lens for the iPad Pro.

Tracking device ” air tags”

As expected, Apple has finally launched its “AirTags” tracker to the world after being delayed several times.


Airtags, which recently launched on IOS, offers a “find me” or “find my” feature on its devices, which helps find lost Apple devices, and now it has added an external tool-outside of Apple products-that allows the feature to be linked to Apple’s Bluetooth tracker, and uses cameras and sensors to accurately locate lost items.


The gadget will be available with accessories to tie it and will come as a 4-Piece Set priced at 99 for the set.

IMac and MacBook

The new iMac devices were announced with a new design and different colors, and the new iMac came with a better camera, significant sound improvements and a new Apple processor with a smaller size than the previous version.


The device received a sweeping design change this year, and the company introduced redesigned models with much thinner and smaller edges, with a 24-inch screen.


The new iMac devices come in a range of colors, such as silver, astronomical gray, green, sky blue and gold.


The company was able to reduce the size of the iMac by using the M1 processor, which it says impressed the market with its power, speed and battery availability.

Other products

Tim Cook talked about simple “important” updates to Apple’s Podcast app, including the possibility of subscribing to podcasts with a payment.


The company also announced a new color for the iPhone 12, purple, which will be available for pre-order starting next Friday.


Apple also launched an updated Apple TV with a new processor and an improved remote control, with a storage capacity of up to 128 GB, or 256 GB.




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