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How to Automatically Publish from WordPress to Instagram

0000 WordPress to Instagram

There are lots of people who post their Instagram pictures on WordPress. And there are a lot of plugins that let you incorporate your feed into your blog. But what if you want to go the other way? Publishing content from WordPress to Instagram might be something you want to do, not only to increase your blog’s reach and get more life out of your content, but also to expand your social radius and the content you provide your followers on a totally different platform.

WordPress to Instagram? Really?

Yes, really. You might be thinking this is an odd move because WordPress is a blogging platform and Instagram is a photo sharing social network. However, over the past while, people have begun to post longer and longer content on Instagram. It has very much turned into a true microblogging platform in addition to the social network it began as.

And when they opened up the Instagram API to allow external services to post to user accounts, things really opened up.

And given that you are already creating content on your blog, you can absolutely have it perform double duty on Instagram. Best of all, it’s not hard to do. You just need a good plugin. We happen to know of some. How about that?



First off, Blog2Social (as you may be able to tell by its name) is not limited to Instagram. You can use the plugin to post from WordPress to Instagram or any of 16 social media platforms. For this, however, we’re going to focus on Instagram.

The plugin itself is free. You can 100% post to Instagram and the other networks from WordPress using the basic version. The Premium version, however, is where you get access to automation. For $79 USD, you can automatically post to Instagram from WordPress. With  the ease of the plugin and the other premium features you get,  we feel that it’s worth it. But if you don’t want to pay, you can manually share from the plugin, too.

If you’re iffy on whether you want the premium upgrade, you can get a free 30-day trial of Premium. That way you can check to see which one is the better fit for you.

Going from WordPress to Instagram

First, you’re going to need to install and activate Blog2Social. It’s in the WordPress repository, so it’s easy to install. Once activated, you will have a new Blog2Social option in your WP dashboard near the bottom.

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